Cavalry Rides

cAValry Rides – Episode 17: Loud, Uncut, Highly Inappropriate (And Our Wi-Fi Sucks)

March 20, 2015

OK, now that we’ve captured your attention… The riders move into a whole new off-the-wall zone in this one as we have no host — Mark Coxon is missing in action (we assume he’s back in Adam’s basement) and the rest of them refuse to host the show. In fact, we have no more host […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 16: Help Us @BeerAndPie: You’re Our Only Hope

March 12, 2015

Mark Coxon — the man, the myth, the legend. He’s gone from missing to found to half-show host. While we believe that The cAValry Rides Show continues to revolutionize the radio podcast market, we are at the point where it’s time to open a casting call for new show hosts. However before we do that, […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 15: Revelations and Interventions in the AV Media Afterlife

March 5, 2015

In what may be our most off the wall show yet, we herald the return of Mark Coxon who escaped the hole in that well known basement that is New Jersey. In essence, the kidnapping didn’t work; however, we’ll still welcome him back as long as he promises to bring it ten times bigger than […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 14: Sapphires, Fools Gold and Where in the World is AVPhenom!

February 27, 2015

InfoComm, we have a problem. The host of the AV industry’s popular drivetime comedy and tech talk podcast show has turned up missing. Reports have come in that he had been taken hostage in an unknown location in New Jersey. After a high scale investigation, we found that Adam Kerr, our guest from episode 13, […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 13: The Lucky Ones

February 20, 2015

So here we go with what we’re referring to as the “lucky episode” as we don’t believe in unlucky numbers here at cAValry Rides. If you believe that 13 is an unlucky number, go ahead and check out this episode, where we fully put that notion to bed. Park yourself and listen to those Riders […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 12: An ISE Special: Mark and Corey Chat with Gary Kayye at ISE 2015

February 12, 2015

Corey Moss and Mark Coxon talk with rAVe founder Gary Kayye live from the ISE show. They discuss the latest products from the ISE 2015 show and the future of AV. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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The cAValry Storms Into ISE 2015 — Look Out Amsterdam!

February 11, 2015

So after raising $50 in their crowd funding campaign (just enough to ensure a day’s worth of Internet and a Starbucks Grande), the cAValry Rides crew rides big and bold into the Netherlands to take on the largest AV trade show in the world — held in a convention center the size of 20 football […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 10: Gluten Free Bacon Beer Just Ain’t Right…

February 6, 2015

Uh oh. We knew it would happen sooner or later, but now? Tory Holmwood, our shiny new co-host is out tonight making plans to help bring peace to the Middle East (umm, what? Oh she’s preparing to go to Zurich for a job she sold? Boy, do we feel ridiculous). Yes, here we go again […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 9: Listen Up! A Woman of the Year, Minnesota Video Twins, Adult Beverages and Dessert

January 30, 2015

Welcome to the new revolution in AV online media! The AV industry’s “Jill of All Trades” Tory Holmwood (I’m @ToryHolmwood and don’t you forget it) joins us as our new co-host and boy does she bring it! Of course Mark Coxon (the self-proclaimed @AVPhenom), Corey Moss (you #@*% bet I’m @Cbmoss), Chuck Espinoza (call me […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 8: Cinevangelistic Lasers and Futuristic 3D Jedi Riders

January 23, 2015

You walk into a theater, buy the popcorn, settle into your seat and the film begins… So ya, Thought ya, Might like to Go to the show. To feel that warm thrill of confusion, That space cadet glow. Yep, that about describes it!Join the interplanetary cAValry rebellion with your hosts Mark (search your feelings… you […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 7: Hijacked! Women, AV, Pirates – Don’t Touch That Dial!

January 14, 2015

Welcome to the unbalanced battle of the sexes where Mark Coxon (the heavily overmatched host), Corey Moss (is there a blog in it for me?) and Chuck Espinoza (this is driving me to drink — wait, what am I complaining about?) are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Helping out our Woman of […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 6: One of The Nine and Five of The None

January 9, 2015

Welcome (officially) to 2015! Here we go — new season, new look, same old John Greene! Follow the cAValry as they take you on yet another wild ride with Mark Coxon (did he make it to the show THIS time?), Corey Moss (what did he go ballistic about now?), Chuck Espinoza (beers? bacon? Pho Cyclo?) […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 5: Matt Scott’s Hair and Other Matters of the Mind

January 5, 2015

Welcome to a new year, a new show and yes — those same four characters you’ve come to know and respect (maybe?). Listen in as Mark Coxon leads the show off the rails with great finesse from the word go (actually “Hi I’m”), Corey Moss reveals his “love” for another of the fifty states and […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 4: Rabbits, Potholes and Brett Favre, Oh My!

December 12, 2014

Welcome to our last cAValry Rides! Show of the year! In this episode, Mark leads us to the pinnacle of ridiculousness, Corey helps Sony Pictures put the ass in password, Chuck informs us of Washington, DC beltway traffic insanity and Stacy shows her everlasting love for Brett Favre (pronounced Favre). Our guests include Shen’s Leonard Suskin, who […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 3: What’s in a Name?

December 8, 2014

So you go into a Starbucks and order your favorite coffee. The friendly barista asks for your name to write on the cup and you say Emma. Believe it or not you just got your cup with your name spelled perfectly — that is if your name was Nemo. Join cAValry Riders Mark Co(x)on, Cor(e)y […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 2: A Dysfunctional rAVe Family Thanksgiving

December 2, 2014

Join cAValry Riders Mark Coxon, Corey Moss and Chuck Espinoza with their guests the Cross-Country Three: Gina Sansivero, Johnny Mota and Scott Tiner. In this episode: “A Dysfunctional rAVe Family Thanksgiving,” listen as: Mark leads the charge Corey goes all five boroughs (of New York) Chuck chugs a beer (listen for the cheers) Gina “rAVes” about Matt Scott’s hair Johnny brings the wine country […]

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cAValry Rides – Episode 1

November 23, 2014

Join cAValry Riders Mark Coxon, Corey Moss and Chuck Espinoza with their guests the Minnesota Triplets: Hailey Klein, Stacy Kringlen and Kelly Perkins for their inaugural podcast as they discuss GoPro, AV and the woman who does Corey’s dishes. Make sure to stay til the end for an interview with the Canadian Power Trio DITM, […]

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