cAValry Rides – Episode 6: One of The Nine and Five of The None

cavalry-330Welcome (officially) to 2015! Here we go — new season, new look, same old John Greene! Follow the cAValry as they take you on yet another wild ride with Mark Coxon (did he make it to the show THIS time?), Corey Moss (what did he go ballistic about now?), Chuck Espinoza (beers? bacon? Pho Cyclo?) and Stacy Kringlen (“Let It Go” — sing with us…).

Joining those four tech-driven misfits are special guest Tory Holmwood from SCN’s The Nine and — Really, again? Yes, that guy himself — John “Pop Pop” Greene.

In this episode we bring it live and large from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! Reporting in on developments at Consumer DisneyWorld is our favorite Google Glass Explorer and Egyptian rabbit breeder Chara Kelley; Tim McInerney, director of product marketing at Savant, who tells the cAValry about the latest in smart home technology; and Marcus Rosenthal, CEO of Revolve Robotics, who has a cool partnered solution with Plantronics. Listen to Chara and Tim duke it out: Android/Apple style! And of course, don’t miss those cAValRants as well as a special appearance at the end by Stacy’s daughter Natalie telling us about some of her favorite things!

A very special public service announcement is given by Mark as Leonard Suskin of Shen, Milsom and Wilke joins us to talk about the campaign to raise funds for his wife Karine. She requires surgery for a serious back issue that she has been dealing with for a long time. To donate, please click on this link for the website. We hope you will give any amount possible for our good friend in the AV industry.

So sit back, relax, oh you know the drill…


Saddle Up!