cAValry Rides – Episode 4: Rabbits, Potholes and Brett Favre, Oh My!

cavalry-330Welcome to our last cAValry Rides! Show of the year!

In this episode, Mark leads us to the pinnacle of ridiculousness, Corey helps Sony Pictures put the ass in password, Chuck informs us of Washington, DC beltway traffic insanity and Stacy shows her everlasting love for Brett Favre (pronounced Favre). Our guests include Shen’s Leonard Suskin, who questions the content of Mark’s 100 rAVe-ing blogs, John Greene of Advanced AV, who comes back from Episode 3 with “unspecific unprepared unfinished” business and Chara Kelley, our new Glass Explorer and Google
friend that brings Egyptian rabbits and flaming potholes. Johnny Mota also calls in with a vote for Pedro
(Corey doesn’t get it) and Gina Sansivero calls in from a remote location in Kansas City (you have to hear
this one).

New features include cAValRants and Corey’s cAValry Sports Bash Report. The group discusses Corey’s
blog “Sony-pocalypse,” as well as home thermostats, Google Glass and more.

Who is one of Corey’s Sports Bash subjects? A hint:


We wish you all a happy holiday season and see you in 2015!
The cAValry Rides Crew: Mark Coxon, Corey Moss, Chuck Espinoza and Stacy Kringlen.