cAValry Rides – Episode 10: Gluten Free Bacon Beer Just Ain’t Right…

cavalry rides showUh oh. We knew it would happen sooner or later, but now? Tory Holmwood, our shiny new co-host is out tonight making plans to help bring peace to the Middle East (umm, what? Oh she’s preparing to go to Zurich for a job she sold? Boy, do we feel ridiculous).

Yes, here we go again with those usual dirt riders Mark (I was made for this job, right?) Coxon, Corey (I’ll take E for 500, Alex), Chuck (what was tonight’s adult beverage selection?) Espinoza, Stacy (lutefisk – crap give it a rest!) Kringlen, and our willin’ guest new co-host Hope (she’s the Schoolin’ Bus) Roth get together and welcome:

  • Christa Bender (@AVChrista), inside sales and marketing coordinator at Applied Video Technology in PA and one of John Greene’s favorite past employees!
  • “Chief” Joel Hagen (@chief_JoelH), copywriter/content manager and championship wrestler at Chief Mfg. in Minnesota
  • Amy Thomas (@AmyInAustinTX), project manager at ICS+ in Tejas and volunteer firefighter extraordinaire

In this episode, Mark hosts AV Jeopardy and pits the co-hosts against each other to guess certain details about their guests and of course Hope wins (what else is new?), but Joel is disappointed that he didn’t get to give the most horribly wrong Jeopardy answer in history, which was a big item on his bucket list (we did still pray for his soul though). In fact, Joel is currently working on the screenplay for the show which will be ready for the big screen in 2016 (and won’t be a Sony Pictures production or star James Franco). And speaking of the bucket, we throw out that challenge yet again to Wade Boggs (yeah right 60 beers) and his BFF Charlie Day and Chuck is all ready to take them on with the beers and the #AVbucket! Sugar-free bacon? Gluten-free everything? The Whole 30 diet? Please stop.

Coming soon a brand new radio show – “Net Neutrality: The Throwdown!”  Add “Coffee: The Throwdown!” and the ratings go through the roof (and so do we). Christa goes on record to tell us that late night Twittermeister is really called Poppy, and wait until you hear The Christa Movie Corner as she gives a unique review of one of the worst movies she’s ever seen (perhaps you’ll agree). We find out that Amy attends South by Southwest (SXSW) every year and she tells Corey that things are bigger and better in Austin now — without him. And her company has the +/ – yep, bigger and better.

For the first time anywhere, Johnny Mota (of #AVTweeps fame) does his brand new segment “@JMOTA3 The Opinionated AV Guy Who Says Stuff ‘N Things” and man can this guy bring the AV stuff and things alright! But was net neutrality a stuff or a thing?



Wait, no call-ins tonight? Guess they let all calls go to voice mail. We’ll make sure the receptionist doesn’t get tanked on Chardonnay next time (supplied by one of our guests). Really, is this the funniest show ever? Didn’t we say that last time? Nope, this IS the one!

Want more? Well there’s only one way to get it — finish listening to this episode and make sure you show up for next week’s! And that’s not a threat, it’s a promise.


We’ll see you next week in Amsterdam (well, in online spirit that is)…


So turn to your co-worker, throw them down and Saddle Up!