rAVe [PUBS], founded in 1998 by Gary Kayye, is a news organization that provides coverage of the commercial (ProAV) and residential (HomeAV) audiovisual trade industries via e-newsletters, blogs, video, social media and a variety of other mediums.

The target audience for rAVe’s publications is what we call “AV Insiders” — AV dealers, integrators, consultants, designers, etc. that deal in the sale, specification, design and installation of audiovisual products. We do not target what most people call “end users,” though a small percentage of rAVe’s readers may qualify as such, especially on the ProAV side.

rAVe is an opinionated news organization, providing news and commentary that reflect the opinions of its authors. We believe that all news is heavily affected by the views of its author, so we state up front that ours is going to be. We are also heavily biased toward the AV integrator/dealer’s perspective since, well, that’s our audience. However, we do NOT get paid by manufacturers, or anyone, for running off our editorial mouth. We run what we run based on what we think, and that’s it.

So whose opinions are you getting? Want to disagree with someone? Check out our current list of employees and contributors. Visit each individual's page to learn a little more about them. They’d love to hear from you.


Gary Kayye

Co-founder & Publisher

Steph Beckett

Managing Editor

Sara Abrons


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Bob Snyder

Contributing Writer – rAVe Europe