Michael Katz

Michael Katz

As the Chief Relationship Officer at Zignage (a high availability enterprise class CMS software and solution company focused on Digital Signage Applications), Michael is in charge of developing relationships with various types of people, working in Consulting, Designing, Education, Financial services, Manufacturing, Retail, Software development, Esports/Sports, Technology (AV/IT/Security) Integration, etc. Some of his notable projects during his 35-year career include: 1) Producer/Director and Co-Writer of a video for the Secretary of State of IL warning people of investment fraud, "If It Sounds Too Good to be True, It Probably Is" in 1993. 2) Convinced first broadcast company to adopt new AIT tape technology in 1997 (20-minute meeting). 3) A very large SAN (Storage Area Network ) system in NYC built for a financial services Fortune 100 company in 1998. 4) Sold Video Managed Services to a large manufacturer with 34 Global Telepresence Systems in 2010. 5) Published article in an AV magazine about his complex AV project for a very large law firm in 2014. 6) Won first phase of $100 million AV project for a financial services company in 2015. His goal as a writer for the rAVe Agency is to help and stay in touch with as many people as he can. Michael can be reached at: linkedin.com/in/michaelkatz2 or 3makatz@gmail.com.

A Successful Digital Signage Experience for Experiential Entertainment Centers


I remember going to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey when I was a kid with my parents and sister. My father would drive through the safari section so we could watch the animals walk around or all over the car. I think the last time my parents drove through the safari section, one […]

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A Successful Digital Signage Experience for Trade Shows


My Favorites From the New York International Auto Show 2022 I have been attending business trade shows since the mid-1990s when I first worked for a relatively small but very successful CD-ROM OEM hardware/software technology company. As time went on and I changed my technology focus (from data storage and backup to telecom/network, then video […]

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What I Accomplished at InfoComm 2021 — Part 1


This is part 1 of a series discussing the power of the relationships you can make at an in-person trade show. After attending InfoComm 2021, I decided to write about my experience. Enjoy! I have been attending/participating in trade shows for a very long time in every industry I’ve been part of (film/video production, data […]

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Use Cases for Digital Signage During and Post-Pandemic


One of the many challenges of this pandemic is not knowing how people will react to different environments in an office, building lobby, hotel, mall, retail store, an arena/stadium, a train, a plane or even outside. If you are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask and inside a fully ventilated area (or outside), should you still […]

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How to Get the Job You Want — Selling Your Value: Part 2


This is the second article in my “How to Get the Job You Want” series. To view the other articles in this series, click here. I had been working in data storage and backup for about 10 years when I got a Dell catalog in the mail. When I opened and skimmed through it, I […]

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Post-Pandemic Changes to Digital Engagements in Permanent Installations


One of the topics from the sessions I hosted on my Pexip Platform (see my previous column, “What I Learned By Hosting 32 Sessions With Different Topics and Speakers During the Pandemic”) last year between April 2020 to July 2020 included a very interesting presentation and point of view from Josiah Hobson, managing director at […]

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The Cloud Versus On-Prem, That Is the Question


One of the first marketing/technology terms that I learned when I joined a video managed services company in 2008 — versus previously working at a telecom company — was the difference between a cloud-based service (not a weather system) versus on-prem (aka on-site) hardware products. I currently work for a digital signage company that provides […]

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The Evolution of Videoconferencing


Many years ago, I worked for a facilities-based CLEC selling POTS (plain old telephone services), DSL, T1 (1.5 Mbps), bonded T1 lines (3 Mbps), phone systems and VoIP (voice-over-IP) solutions. This experience helped me to really understand the business criticality of quality-of-service internet bandwidth and continues to help me to this day. After IT/telecom, I […]

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What I Learned By Hosting 32 Sessions With Different Topics and Speakers During the Pandemic


I formally joined Zignage (CMS software solution company) on Feb. 3, 2020, and attended ISE 2020 in Amsterdam from Feb. 10-12. On March 3, I attended the New York Build 2020 Expo at the Javits Center and continued going into New York City for meetings — March 9 (my office) and March 12 (small vendor […]

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What I Learned About the Digital Signage Industry (Year One)


I really hope everyone is doing the best they can to get through these challenging times. Allow me to share my professional experiences, which include working over the past 35 years in the following industries: film/video production, data storage and backup, network and telecom, video managed services; AV design and integration, and digital signage. Although […]

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