Lee Distad

Lee Distad

Lee Distad is a rAVe columnist and freelance writer covering topics from CE to global business and finance in both print and online. Reach him at lee@ravepubs.com

How Can You Make This a Season to Remember?


It’s that time again. It hardly seems possible, but the Holiday Season is on the horizon. I’m not kidding! Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday, then comes Halloween. After that, it’s American Thanksgiving, immediately followed by the anticipated/dreaded retail bonanza of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Before you know it, it will be Christmas, and then the weird […]

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Getting Back Your Holdback 


Most AV professionals I know don’t think of AV as being the “construction industry.” While I can entertain arguments for fitting it under that umbrella, if anything, the AV business is “construction-adjacent.” It’s that adjacency that means that AV pros need to understand liens and holdbacks since they’re a reality of doing business. How holdbacks […]

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Understanding and Managing Shrinkage


When discussing business matters with my dealer clients, most of the conversations center around finding ways to grow their revenue and increase profit margins. Ideally, we cover both. They’re both worthy objectives, and it’s something clients look to me to help them achieve. But they’re also only part of the puzzle. As important as growing […]

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Being Comfortable Outside of Your Comfort Zone


If you stick around long enough you will see patterns repeat themselves. Most businesses in this channel are more similar than they are different; they have similar strengths and weaknesses. They’ll also have similar problems that need solving. The problems will be similar but seldom identical. The solutions that worked for your clients may need […]

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Training From the Learner’s Perspective


Ongoing training and education is, ideally a fact of life. Continuing education or work will include seminars, certifications and ongoing product training. And if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll have spent plenty of time on both sides of the equation as both the learner and the presenter. Training programs, whether they’re presented by a […]

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How Things Change


If Facebook is good for anything, it’s good for leitmotif. Learning how to game the algorithm, plus a little bit of good luck, and your newsfeed can mostly be wholesome content like cool custom cars, and cute animal videos. If your feed causes you more stress than joy, that’s a problem that needs to be […]

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In Person, Online and Tough Choices


People often throw around the expression that “history repeats.” In truth, the original axiom — it’s attributed to Mark Twain, although I suspect it’s even older — states that “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.” It’s certainly true that if you stick around long enough, you begin to see patterns — that what’s happening […]

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Google Sidelines Stadia


Last week if you missed the announcement that Google was shelving Stadia, its streaming gaming service you can be forgiven; the news cycle comes at you fast these days, and it’s easy to miss things even if they would normally be front and center on your radar. Anyway, the article at The Guardian that I […]

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Dueling Automation


  This blog post is a twofer: brief commentary on two related subjects. So I’ve been messing around on a fairly casual basis with different DYI home control. Currently my house is home to Apple Home, Google Home, Roomie Remote, and a plethora of IP-controllable devices around the house. Without passing judgment on any one […]

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