Reprint Policy

Most content on this website and in the rAVe newsletters may be reprinted with permission. Please email editor Sara Abrons for written permission and to inquire about a specific article. If permission is granted, please use the following rules:

For online publication, please use the rAVe logo (found here) and the line: “Reprinted with permission from rAVe [PUBS].” Link rAVe [PUBS] to

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Community Commenting Policy

  1. The rAVe community is an open, welcoming, and awesome community. Comments are not only appreciated but also encouraged on both rAVe news and the rAVe [PUBS] BlogSquad. However, there are some cases where comments will be removed by rAVe [PUBS] community moderators.
  2. Here are those cases:
    • Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam will be removed.
    • Including a link to relevant content within posted comments is permitted – however, comments must stay relevant to the respective news story or blog post. If a comment is deemed irrelevant, it will be removed.
    • ANY comments that include profanity will be removed.
    • Comments containing language, ideas or concepts that could be deemed offensive, slanderous / libelous / irrelevant will be removed.
    • Comments that attack a person individually will be removed.
  3. rAVe [PUBS] welcomes any and all viewpoints and opinions within comments – both in agreement and dissenting of the views or facts written in the article or blog. Just keep those views clean and civil.
  4. Be yourself. And only one version of yourself. Any attempt to misrepresent yourself, create multiple accounts, or impersonate another human being will result in your comment being removed. This is harmful to the open nature of our rAVe [PUBS] community. And frankly, it’s just downright not nice.
  5. Basically, what it all boils down to is this:
    • Would you be OK with your 3-year-old niece / nephew or 95-year-old grandmother reading your comments? If so, then you’re probably golden. Otherwise, we’re probably gonna take it down. Simple as that.

FINAL NOTE: rAVe [PUBS] reserves the right to delete any comments submitted to rAVe without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time. If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us: