The cAValry Storms Into ISE 2015 — Look Out Amsterdam!

cavalry rides showSo after raising $50 in their crowd funding campaign (just enough to ensure a day’s worth of Internet and a Starbucks Grande), the cAValry Rides crew rides big and bold into the Netherlands to take on the largest AV trade show in the world — held in a convention center the size of 20 football fields. How did we do this? Good question, but suffice to say if Brian Williams didn’t invent the interweb, it never could have happened. Oh and Wade Boggs, we sent you an invite to join us at ISE for Chuck to drink you under the table, but of course you wimped out on us. See ya at InfoComm, right?

Join the international lunatic fringe as Mark (did I say Microsoft enough during the show?) Coxon, Corey (two early mornings in a row I’m slurring my speech), Chuck (I’m definitely moving to Amsterdam — beer and bacon!) Espinoza, John (I’m tweeting as fast as I can!) Greene and Christa (Hey Poppy, pay attention!) Bender welcome:

  • Eric Palonen from Denon Pro (boy was he lucky to get out of Boston)
  • Ivan Vakhmyanin from Visiology and Maarten Banis from Legamaster (bring it big to the U.S.!)
  • Anders Lokke and Hani Mustafa from Pexip (of course Anders showed up in the Pexip orange suit – Hani forgot his)
  • Hailey Klein from Vaddio (with her ever-bright smile and #AVPuppy Tippy Dugan)
  • John Henkel from RGB Spectrum (who brought a “unique” voice to the table)

(We were also supposed to have Tim Sinnaeve, who runs Barco’s new residential division, on with us but we ran a little over and he had to go to attend a meeting. We will look to have him on a future show.)

Check out this extended episode of the cAValry Rides Show as we go off the rails playing a game with all of our guests where they get to answer questions about the Netherlands in 90 seconds. The prize? We either think it’s rAVe swag or a Ferrari — we notified Gary Kayye that he should probably be ready to give both (Ferrari dealerships look out for that call!). Who won? We believe the win was given to the company that we all most wanted their gear. In fact, maybe they all won.

Stacy Kringlen was sleeping and dreaming of the show (she said: “umm, no way I have to wake up to kids in the morning”), Hope Roth utterly refused to be on (we believe there might have been an expletive as well), and Tory Holmwood, who was supposed to come to us live from the new cAValry Rides spacestation, had trouble coordinating with Sir Richard Branson who was supposed to fly her there. Of course we were thinking of them and while they did back out on us, we gave them a pass and will still keep them on as we go for the record of 87 co-hosts before the year is over. And thank you to John Greene and Christa Bender for sitting in with us, we appreciate it!

Some great comedy, tech talk, beers, bacon and numerous references to Microsoft (don’t say game-changing — don’t do it) and let’s just say that Amsterdam may never be the same.

So if you speak Dutch, we have just one thing to say to you — opzadelen! (that’s Saddle Up! for the English-speaking public).