The Social Business Sphere (of AV) – A Discussion


When we look out at the landscape of the AV industry, we first and foremost see the manufacturers, integrators and consultants that comprise the space. When we talk about #AVTweeps, as there’s been so much discussion about in the last month especially, we are of course talking about what many of us like to refer to as the “AV-Twitterverse.” Add in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more and we are almost 24/7 engaged. Where trade shows are concerned, the social discussion can be instantaneous as industry attendees and exhibitors share it out for the global AV space to see.

The social sphere of the AV industry. Along with the trade shows, you have the blogs and podcasts to go along with the everyday discourse in business generating the “digital dialogue” (big thanks to Katye McGregor Bennett @katyemcgregor for that one!) on multiple social media platforms. Those tasked with covering marketing and social media for their companies show that expertise in putting out the proper content on the different platforms. However, you also have those in sales, engineering, programming and more who bring the digital dialogue business case too.

Industry AVTweeps John Greene of Advanced AV and George Fournier of FSR got together with me recently to record a discussion about doing business in the AV social sphere, to go along with the light side we add in every day as well. Tom Roberto, VP, Technology at Core Technology Solutions in New Jersey joined us, as George suggested that we invite him, and he certainly added dynamic content to it. In fact, you may like what he has to say about their usage of Instagram.

We talk about launching and running a social media program as well as experiences (including conversation over social media), being a social manager, social media myths. the CI 103 #AVTweeps, experiences at InfoComm 2015, discussion of e-mail, instant messaging applications and collaboration, and more.

Here is The Social Business Sphere – with a bit of edge too.