cAValry Rides – Episode 14: Sapphires, Fools Gold and Where in the World is AVPhenom!

cavalry rides showInfoComm, we have a problem. The host of the AV industry’s popular drivetime comedy and tech talk podcast show has turned up missing. Reports have come in that he had been taken hostage in an unknown location in New Jersey. After a high scale investigation, we found that Adam Kerr, our guest from episode 13, loved the experience so much that he may have kidnapped Mark and stuck him in a hole in his basement to keep the experience going. Hey Adam, we all talked it over — you can keep him.

Back in the day (not that day) prospectors in the old West, in a quest for riches, grabbed their pans and headed out on a day long search for gold. Sometimes they returned home with gold nuggets, and at other times, they brought home something that resembled gold, but it was just worthless “fools gold.” Now that’s not to say that the riders of the cAValry are worthless gold — but fools? Hey, we think we’re onto something here…

Join those oddballs prospecting for laughs Corey (Oh I’m the host now – HELP!) Moss, Chuck (I hate my computer, my Wi-Fi – ahh, bacon and beer) Espinoza, Stacy (I can’t I can’t I can’t take it…) Kringlen, Christa (Hey Chuck, the Wi-Fi and beer are just fine over here) Bender and Hope (Talk about Wi-Fi at my hotel that sucks – I’m grabbing Wal-Mart’s) Roth as they’re joined on this gem of a show by these well-known women of the audiovisual industry:

  • Marla Suttenberg – Owner of NJ rep company Sapphire Marketing
  • Lainie Mataras – Regional Sales Manager at Sapphire Marketing
  • And one of our favorite Vaddio-ites, Hailey Klein (with her wonder dog Tippy Dugan)

(Tory Holwood couldn’t join us for this one as she’s relocating and being terribly overworked by Pop Pop, but at least she reported in).

In this episode, Marla, Lainie and Hailey are ready to bring it big with the comedy, great tech talk and hopes of topping the record listen numbers of one of our earlier episodes. In fact Marla and Lainie promised no holds barred — they’re getting it done. Rules? You don’t need no rules when you’re from New Jersey!

We’ll be discussing Sapphire manufacturers that may not be as well-known and the co-hosts have to guess what kinds of solutions they offer as Corey throws them out there — with hints from Marla and Lainie. OK so Crestron, Planar and Middle Atlantic are the easy ones — but what about Amina, SiliconCore, New York Technology Company and more? This should be a good one (did Hope win –- again?).

In terms of Sapphire’s major lines, we have great a discussion on Crestron and all of the big developments going on there, along with Planar, Infocus, Revolabs and more. And yes, of course — Vaddio. Really what’s a great discussion without the added element of comedy? Only here on the cAValry Rides Show can serious discussion turn on a dime.

We also go breaking on the news with rAVe’s Weekly Wrap-up where we talk about Mark’s blog “UHD and Laser Just Killed Your 2×2,” a blog article “Futuresource Consulting Reveals the 4K Roadmap” and yes, the big one “Sony May Not Be Called Sony Anymore.” Does the fun never end with this company?

We also talk with Christa at the end about her perspectives going into the NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference this week in Tampa. She will have more to say after the conference as she talks with Corey for a rAVe interview blog that will appear next week.

So if you have any word on the whereabouts of Mark Coxon, do us a favor — give a call and leave a message in our voice mailbox. However, if you do get through and the mailbox is full, don’t bother calling back.

Who needs gold when we have Sapphires? Here’s the answer — check out that great Sapphire team: