cAValry Rides – Episode 16: Help Us @BeerAndPie: You’re Our Only Hope

cavalry rides showMark Coxon — the man, the myth, the legend. He’s gone from missing to found to half-show host. While we believe that The cAValry Rides Show continues to revolutionize the radio podcast market, we are at the point where it’s time to open a casting call for new show hosts. However before we do that, we’ve offered the hosting spot to two people and they said they’d get back to us. We’re still sitting by the phone so please call soon, please…

And we’re off as Mark (Time to go!) Coxon, Corey (Wait, I’m the host again? Help!) Moss, Chuck (Pants are optional) Espinoza, Stacy (Walk, talk, fall – I got this) Kringlen, Hope (I win, you lose, show over) Roth and Christa (I’ll give you stuff n’ things) Bender welcome:

  • Jeremy Birch, sales engineer at CCS in California, who brings great industry insights, tech talk and brings up Radio Shack, violating almost every policy of cAValry Rides.
  • And –- wait again? Alison Amy “Show Crasher” Maxson from Barco who calls in from the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas to talk about signage, pho and more while trying out her Gina Sansivero impression. Keep working on it, Alison.

We’ve put together a search party for Tory Holmwood; we’ll keep you posted on developments.

On this episode, Mark hangs with us for awhile and discovers that it’s OK to stick around for half the show and turn it over to Corey where the true helplessness begins. Born to be a show host, he was not. Final warning @AVPhenom, stay around for the whole show next time or else. And speaking of or else, there’s a hit put on a very well-known #AVTweep, although it might not be exactly the kind of hit you were thinking of. Listen in and see who’s getting rubbed out. We actually had a game in mind but Mark shot it down at the last minute so you’ll be listening to about 10 minutes of empty space, although the empty space is sponsored by Barco — thanks, guys.

In our new segment “cAValry Dirt,” everyone throws some dirt and competes to have someone deep-sixed from the industry. However we all know that’s not possible because once you’re in, as the say in the mafia, youse can never leave. And if you try, we have a cement-filled #AVBucket for you.

Our “Double Awesome” and highly righteous bud Johnny Mota joins us to talk stuff, smart tech, things and (don’t say it) he has an announcement about what’s going on with his next rAVe Radio AV Insider show. This you’ll want to hear.

Hope breaks the news (gentle Hope) as we talk about stand-up treadmill desks (umm, no kidding) and showin’ the money. We’re talking about Canadian dollars there, eh. Corey and Chuck promote this Saturday’s Drunk Naked Pirates concert and anyone listening, wherever you are in the country, shuttle bus service has been put in place to take you to Sterling, Virginia at Mahalo Cove for a rocking dance party you’ll never forget (OK, so we stole the InfoComm Show buses). And if you wear an eye patch and say aaargh at the door, you may either get in free or a strange look from the bouncer. Worth a try.

So if you thought you were getting quality podcast radio here -– remember that we’re not all about the content, we’re about the money, and lots of it. Give it a listen, though we’re pretty sure you’ll regret it heavily in the morning.

Saddle Up (or not)!