cAValry Rides – Episode 7: Hijacked! Women, AV, Pirates – Don’t Touch That Dial!

cavalry-330Welcome to the unbalanced battle of the sexes where Mark Coxon (the heavily overmatched host), Corey Moss (is there a blog in it for me?) and Chuck Espinoza (this is driving me to drink — wait, what am I complaining about?) are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Helping out our Woman of the AV Airwaves Stacy Kringlen are:
  • InfoComm Woman in AV 2013 award winner – Draper Inc.’s Penny Sitler
  • Woman in AV – FSR Inc.’s Gina Sansivero
  • Woman in AV – AVI Systems’ Kelly Perkins
  • Woman in AV – Synergy CT’s Victoria Ferrari
  • Our new co-host (and another Woman in AV!) Advanced AV’s Tory Holmwood
  • Woman in AV and another one of SCN’s “The Nine” Kari Rae Seekins
  • Mark’s wife Lesley (not a Woman in AV but she sure tells Mark where to go on a call-in)
  • Stacy’s daughter Natalie (a future Woman in AV) who will no doubt be sticking her tongue out at the guys, jumping and doing cartwheels and lovin’ that Caribou Coffee Snowdrift!
In this episode, Chuck welcomes our new favorite “band of drunks” DC Metro’s Drunk Naked Pirates in his Sound Check segment who call-in with great discussion on rock music and must have club dance parties!In his cAValry Sports Bash, Corey makes a prediction on Colts/Patriots this weekend and Penny exults in all of her Indiana glory! Some guy in Boston is looking to place bets on the game (with everyone in the AV world) — wait until he finds out that we let Tom Brady have it and we talk about the new uniform he’ll be wearing this weekend as he utters his classic line!

A special call-in at the end from the inventor of our favorite AV hashtag and new show “feature” regular. Figure it out? Wait and see. And we talk about his favorite thing — the #AVPuppy! And the … #AVCat!

More call-ins? Heck we don’t know, the phone rings and we just answer it.
And finally – yes, Sony Pictures gets their due – passwords, free online views of all future movies, a totally lost CEO and their IT manager who claims to be on top of it (yeah, right)!
Here are some song samplings from the Drunk Naked Pirates – awesome stuff!
Feel like sitting back? Relaxing? No? OK, well stand and listen – no skin off of us…Saddle Up!