cAValry Rides – Episode 9: Listen Up! A Woman of the Year, Minnesota Video Twins, Adult Beverages and Dessert

cavalry-330Welcome to the new revolution in AV online media! The AV industry’s “Jill of All Trades” Tory Holmwood (I’m @ToryHolmwood and don’t you forget it) joins us as our new co-host and boy does she bring it! Of course Mark Coxon (the self-proclaimed @AVPhenom), Corey Moss (you #@*% bet I’m @Cbmoss), Chuck Espinoza (call me @madsoundguy – or else) and Stacy Kringlen (when they made @Vaddio_Stacy they broke the mold) show up just because, although for some reason they always have trouble getting through security.

Listen as Cory Schaeffer (@coryschaeffer) joins us to talk business, puts out hits on consultants (that don’t spec their products) and Tweets out every word that AVPhenom says. Minnesota’s video twin Hailey Klein (@Vaddio_Hailey) talks marketing while her counterpart Bernadette Yard (@Vaddio_Bernie) talks demos. Both talk #AVPets — Bernie has none but Hailey does have a #AVPuppy with an interesting name. Hope Roth (@BeerAndPie) tells us she actually has no interest in beer or pie but is a musician (she cut an album!) and Corey tells her to quit the day job and tour the country as he takes a 20 percent manager’s cut.

Yes, it was finally time for an “AV Throwdown” between Mark and Corey as the pressure got to both of them and only the 3,000 miles that separate them kept them from physically choking each other. Who won? Apparently Mark is practiced in the art (and wears the hat sideways too), however Hope jumped in at the end to take the prize. And — this is the lead-in to a brand new radio show, you’ll love it!

We also launch our new (regular) special feature, “The Pink Android Brings the CoolTech” with our favorite Explorer Chara Kelley who talks Glass, flipped classrooms and selfie drones. She also has a well-paid rabbit sitter watching her Egyptian #AVBunny, the infamous Bob. Chuck does a Sound Check with Hope, and Chuck and Corey get together on a Chucktoberfest talking about the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company.

As for Pop Pop John Greene? We have a feeling if we didn’t mention his name at least ten times during the show, he’d feel terribly left out. Of course we caught him Tweeting out his presence during the show (he can’t help it).

So, if you don’t mind skipping dinner, time with the kids and your favorite TV program — this is the show for you!


Here is Hope’s album Beer and Pie on Amazon – good stuff!