cAValry Rides – Episode 17: Loud, Uncut, Highly Inappropriate (And Our Wi-Fi Sucks)

cavalry showOK, now that we’ve captured your attention…

The riders move into a whole new off-the-wall zone in this one as we have no host — Mark Coxon is missing in action (we assume he’s back in Adam’s basement) and the rest of them refuse to host the show. In fact, we have no more host or co-hosts: Everyone just gets on the show and endlessly talk smack. In short, it’s seven people talking about stuff, things – (of course we have Double Awesome Johnny Mota with us) and other assorted and inappropriate subjects. Have a great time with this one folks, we may just be getting sued by every person and company mentioned in this episode.
Join those Wi-Fi challenged trash talkers Corey (Don’t mention Wi-Fi – don’t do it) Moss, Chuck (Am I the most inappropriate one on the show?) Espinoza, Stacy (Come to Minnesota and have fun doing nothing) Kringlen, Christa (Umm, I don’t think so Chuck) Bender, Hope (I want to be paid the San Fran bucks in Boston!) Roth, Johnny (I brought things this time, saving the stuff for next time) Mota and Alison (I’m back again, deal with it) Maxson as they welcome:

Anders Lokke – Marketing whiz at Pexip

Corey loses his mind (and his Wi-Fi) during the show, so you may hear some strange noises in this one – blame it on Florida where gun control (or lack thereof) takes precedence over Wi-Fi infrastructure. So we’ve lobbied InfoComm to move the show to a place with stronger Wi-Fi – like Norway.

Game on this episode? Hell no, we don’t play those things any more at the request of every one of our listeners (all three of them in Kerza, Kaka, Izhbekistan – ah forget it). We go “viral” with Twitter Balls on this show courtesy of one of Alison’s favorite companies. Do you want your own set of Twitter Balls? Send an email to us and we’ll be happy to accommodate. Just be careful with them; we don’t ship replacements. And could this be the return of RoboChuck? Listen in and find out because we know you’re excited to know (and so is Chuck). Does Hope break the news? We don’t know, we think she was breaking on the other riders through the whole show — and net (don’t say it). As for Alison, what more can we say (really, what more?)? Do Christa and Stacy the Philly/Minny connection contribute in a big way? Let’s just say: hell yeah!

Corey also talks about the Enterprise Connect show, where he represented rAVe [Publications] as media conducting interviews and having discussions with industry executives in the collaboration space. He even talked to people at Microsoft about attending InfoComm this year (in Orlando, uh oh). He didn’t mention last year but did take a poll at the show and all of the AV companies agreed that Microsoft should bring more than the World Cup and charging stations. We believe he convinced them to fill that large booth area with Surface Hubs and good swag, lots of it.
Did you know that Disney World is a sponsor of the cAValry Rides Show? Actually, they didn’t either and their lawyers are loading up their guns to sue rAVe. Get ready Gary, we hear they’re conjuring up Walt Disney to challenge you on this and if rAVe Pubs go down, we go down with you. Or maybe not.

If you think you know what to expect on this one, think again, and prepare to expect the unexpected. So get into the lotus position and meditate – we believe after listening to this show that meditation is all that will save your body, mind and soul. Ours, not so much.