cAValry Rides – Episode 13: The Lucky Ones

cavalry rides showSo here we go with what we’re referring to as the “lucky episode” as we don’t believe in unlucky numbers here at cAValry Rides. If you believe that 13 is an unlucky number, go ahead and check out this episode, where we fully put that notion to bed.

Park yourself and listen to those Riders who bring joy and happiness to all people around the world Mark (as luck would have it, I’m ready for this) Coxon, Corey (are you feeling lucky AV Phenom, well are ya?) Moss, Chuck (I’m drinking my lucky beer!) Espinoza, Stacy (luck be an AV lady tonight) Kringlen, Tory (I’m wearing my lucky charm bracelet) Holmwood and our brand new co-host Christa (I’d like to thank all of my fans for this lucky opportunity to ride in the cAValry) Bender. Hope Roth decided to take the night off and park the #AVSchoolbus.

Tonight we have a star studded lineup with two (two?) great guests, one who we just can’t shake:
John (am I the record holder for appearances yet?) “Pop Pop” Greene

And — for the first time on any online media show in the AV industry — one of the best standup comedians known to Gilbert Gottfried, Uncle Floyd and his mom, Adam (the Kerrmedian) Kerr.


In this episode, we immediately go off the windmills as Adam is put under the bare bulb (in his basement) to take the Amsterdam quiz given to all of our ISE show participants and though he passed physics in high school, this test he failed miserably. Mark shows up in his undershirt (flashing the biceps) and Chuck claims to be wearing pants even though he shows his bare legs on camera for half the episode (lucky for you this is an audio podcast show). Chuck tries to outdo Adam in the comedy department, and it unfortunately produced the same outcome as Adam’s quiz results. And we watch Stacy laugh so hard we think she’s going to combust (at Adam’s jokes, not Chuck’s). In fact there is such a vast amount of TMI in this one, be thankful your ears are the only sensory organs involved.

Corey and Adam relive the good old days when they worked for the same integration company – Corey did sales and Adam did stand-up. And wait till you hear about that Christmas Party, priceless.

We talk with Tory about her recent trip to Zurich, of course Pop Pop told her to bring back his favorite foods or else don’t come back. She thought long and hard about it but decided to return after he begged her — again. Christa, #7 on the way to a new world co-host record, got her toes wet in this one and is now raring to go — and drink Wade Boggs under the table. And wait, a call-in? Yes, we’re hijacked once again by our favorite band of hammered buccaneers, The Drunk Naked Pirates!

Corey talks about Kris Gamble, the owner of Customised (@Customised), a smart home installation company in the UK and the originator of the #LiveInstall twitter hashtag. You can hear him on Corey’s ISE Executive Tech Talk Show rAVe audio interview blog and listen for him on an upcoming cAValry Rides Show.

So what are you waiting for? Put your headphones on, hit the play button and tune out the outside world — you’ll thank us for it.

Saaaaddle Up!