cAValry Rides – Episode 8: Cinevangelistic Lasers and Futuristic 3D Jedi Riders

cavalry rides showYou walk into a theater, buy the popcorn, settle into your seat and the film begins…
So ya,
Thought ya,
Might like to
Go to the show.
To feel that warm thrill of confusion,
That space cadet glow.

Yep, that about describes it!phpofXiPfAMJoin the interplanetary cAValry rebellion with your hosts Mark (search your feelings… you know it to be true) Coxon, Corey (Jar Jar did not teach me everything I know) Moss, Chuck (I’ll do the scene only if a pitcher of beer is involved) and Stacy (I knew I should have put in for a day off) Kringlen as they welcome three highly “illuminating” people from Barco who tell us about “cinevangelism,” the future of movie making, lasers and laser projection technology and much (much) more! In fact we claim a stunning resemblance for one of them to this woman…

As for those aforementioned feelings, we all play a new game introduced in a surprise call-in. Yes, surprise…Announcing for the first time on any cAValry Rides show in existence (all seven of them), a mind-blowing rap from the one, the only, the AV Professional — Phil “HiPhi” Cordell — who joins us on the show to give us some great technology insights as well. And we hear he’s a big deal in overseas markets too!We blame everything that happened to Sony on one guy and we recommend that no movie studio ever hire him again (and his ridiculous squint).

And, finally, there’s a European football team somewhere in the world playing without their uniforms. Why? It appears that Barco stole their luggage and now wears their uniforms at trade shows — visit their stand and guess which team is missing their gear!


So – if you think you might like to listen to this show – send us your check for $15 (the going rate for a 3D movie ticket?) and enjoy the futuristic listening experience!

Saddle up!

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