cAValry Rides – Episode 15: Revelations and Interventions in the AV Media Afterlife

cavalry rides showIn what may be our most off the wall show yet, we herald the return of Mark Coxon who escaped the hole in that well known basement that is New Jersey. In essence, the kidnapping didn’t work; however, we’ll still welcome him back as long as he promises to bring it ten times bigger than before. No pressure there, @AVPhenom.

So if you were to consider what kind of podcast you would personally like to design, never in a million years would you even remotely dream of creating one like this. Leave it to us to put together something that involves CEOs, call-in bombs, revelations, interventions, net (don’t say it), and Corey attempting to hire two new co-hosts while all of the riders threaten to throw him to the bottom of a well (well at least there’s water there Alison).

Listen to those AV world bottom feeders Mark (I’m back, deal with it) Coxon, Corey (hey was that a stuff, a thing or Microsoft?) Moss, Chuck (it’s all about beer, bacon and legs) Espinoza, Stacy (who are you calling bottom feeder *^%&) Kringlen and Christa (yes, I do share a brain stem) Bender as they welcome:

  • Alison (Amy) Maxson Press and PR Specialist for Barco (and our new temporary co-host)
  • Maria Porco – Vice President Business Development of X2O Media
  • Debra Simmons – Director of Sales, Retail & Advertising for the Media & Entertainment Division of Barco

(Tory and Hope couldn’t make it so they’re getting a final warning – Pop Pop gets one too).

At the beginning of the show, we receive a visit from the executive director and CEO of InfoComm, Dave Labuskes, who brings us great perspectives from InfoComm Connections in San Jose and a special congratulations for an industry friend. But just wait till you hear the call-in bomb from one of our favorite women in audio visual (can you guess who she is?) calling from one of those unique locations on her worldwide tour.

We talk to Maria about some of the big things that are happening over at X2O Media and to Debra about what is taking place in retail and advertising for the media and entertainment division. Alison rounds out the discussion for us — what better person to co-host and give us all of the news on what’s going on at one of the industry’s most well-known manufacturers? We also talk about the upcoming Digital Signage Expo next week in Las Vegas. And while employees of Barco are still waiting for their soccer jerseys, it was decided on the show that the company will create their own dessert after hearing about Raspberry Pi, modeled after the Moon Pie. They’ll be available in time for InfoComm and, with a Starbucks Grande, you’ll no doubt have to empty your whole wallet.

And speaking of Stuff n’ Things, the AV Insider Johnny “Double Awesome” Mota brings stuff, things and net (don’t say it). In Chuck’s Sound Check, we have one of the best guitarists in Vancouver (OK, Canada – move over Alex Lifeson) from our “Canadian Power Four” Drowning in the Mainstream (DITM). Bailey LaBrie, DITM’s new band member, unfortunately couldn’t make it but we’ll bring her on another show to scream and see who she’s beaten up lately.

Want to find out more? Well ,we’ve run out of room here so just send the family to the in-laws, lie on the couch, turn up the volume and get ready to…






Editor’s note: This podcast has some audio quality issues, due to the various locations of the participants.