Twitter is Good, But, Not Great! There’s Something Way, Way Better for AV Engagement


We’ve been blown away at how much engagement we have with our readers via the various social media outlets we have. We get hundreds of messages from you EVERY DAY – even on weekends! And, before Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we barely ever heard from you!

And, it’s even more interesting at how segmented each social channel is. Not just by age, but by vertical market and various other demographics too.

For example, it seems like nearly everyone is on Twitter – but, they’re not. And, interestingly enough, we have found that Twitter is one of our least-engaging platforms. And, most of the engagement on Twitter comes from the same 27 people. And, those 27 are also the one’s most engaged with everyone else on Twitter too.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Twitter. And, we have a lot of people, especially around trade show time, that sit and monitor our feed and literally click on every tweet and watch all our trade show videos (from rAVe [NOW] – our LIVE trade show service). In fact, something like 40% of our video engagement comes from Twitter. Those 27 get drowned out by the 10,000 or so that actively participate on our feed during shows like InfoComm, DSE, CEDIA, ISE, etc.

But, Facebook BLOWS AWAY Twitter for engagement. It’s simply not even close. We have fewer Facebook Followers yet nearly 50-times the engagement.

Same for LinkedIn. Way, way more engagement on LinkedIn

But, Snapchat is kicking-ass. Literally. The highest engagement-level platform we’ve ever seen. And, not just numbers, but variety. We are mostly connecting and engaging with people who have never reached out to us on any other social media platform. First-timers, I guess…

I debated posting this as it gives away information to our competition, but, they copy us no matter what we do. But, more importantly, and why I wrote this, is in hopes that you don’t let Snapchat sneak up on you and get out trying to use it before even trying! PLEASE get Snapchat and see it for yourself. It’s engaging, fun, easy to use and it’s a platform that encompasses the best of the best in media – photos, videos, gaming and engagement all-in-one!