The Post-InfoComm Blues

blue-0613Did you notice the word “church” in the company name below the person’s name on their InfoComm badge? A lot of churches showed up at InfoComm to see what’s next on the technology horizon that they can fit into their budgets for the next fiscal year. And a lot of them left with the Post-Infocomm Blues.

The great thing about being immersed in the latest-and-greatest is seeing, hearing and experiencing it all. The bad thing is going back to reality and not having the latest-and-greatest at their disposal. This will be the experience of many trade show attendees, church staff included.

What it means for you — the consultant, manufacturer, systems integrator and rep firm — is that now is the time to follow-up with your church leads from InfoComm and help them sort the marketing hype from the real, shipping products from the show. Remember, they’ve come home to week-in, week-out services, where the saying “Sunday comes every seven days” is their norm. That means the issues they’re facing and the solutions you can provide are at a potential nexus. This is a great time to help them see what’s possible, what’s helpful and what’s affordable for their application.

Help them get out of their after-the-show funk with a happy pick-me-up demo or a friendly lunch-n-learn to whet their appetite for the technologies that will help them take some next-level steps. The two to three weeks after a trade show are the perfect times to make those connections and connect the technological dots!