When Was The Last Time You Did an AV Demo?

November 21, 2017

For as much traction as the so-called smart home has gained in consumer awareness, it’s still audio and video that remains a key part of the residential business. While I’ve met a few HiFi shop owners who loathe automation and prefer to deal with it in the context of cinema room design, I don’t think […]

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With Collaboration The Shoe Maker’s Kids Will No Longer Go Barefoot

August 18, 2014

There is an encouraging shift happening in the AV Integration industry.  This shift is happening at the integrator level and at the manufacturer representative level. If you are a not a part of it, you will absolutely need to be or you will be left behind — barefoot and in the cold. This shift illustrates […]

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Why No Product Reviews? On Shootouts and Demos, With an Apology to Extron

February 10, 2014

About what do AV designers talk? Design certainly, in all of its forms. Past projects and wish lists. Perhaps most of all, we talk about technology. For all of our talk on these things, there are relatively few actual product reviews or comparisons. I’ll talk about products here, but stop short of a formal endorsement […]

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The Art of the Killer Demo

August 13, 2013

In last month’s Crew Call, I cataloged (from first-hand experience) the many things that we do to shoot ourselves in the foot when we demonstrate technology. Bill Sharer and I have also spent the last two weeks on our podcast, THE WEEK, discussing first what we do wrong and second, how to do it right. […]

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The Post-InfoComm Blues

June 25, 2013

Did you notice the word “church” in the company name below the person’s name on their InfoComm badge? A lot of churches showed up at InfoComm to see what’s next on the technology horizon that they can fit into their budgets for the next fiscal year. And a lot of them left with the Post-Infocomm […]

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