SnapAV Introduces Pakedge WA-4200 Wave 2 Indoor Access Point


SnapAV introduced the Pakedge WA-4200 4×4 Wave 2 Indoor Access Point Thursday. The new WA-4200 is designed for large, high-density residential and commercial projects, and it uses 802.11ac Wave 2 and beamforming technology for 4K and high-definition streaming applications and multiple devices simultaneously. The WA-4200 features a 4×4 MU-MIMO antenna design to deliver a maximum […]

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SnapAV Ships Pakedge WA-2200-O Wave 2 Outdoor Access Point


SnapAV has launched the Pakedge WA-2200-O Wave 2 Outdoor Access Point. With an IP55-rated water- and dust-resistant enclosure, this AP is specified to withstand the most severe environments, including temperatures ranging from -20° C to 65° C (-4° F to 149° F). Its UV-treated enclosure also resists solar damage. The WA-2200-O delivers Wave 2 MU-MIMO […]

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SnapAV Launches Pakedge RT-3100 Gigabit Router


SnapAV just launched the Pakedge RT-3100 Gigabit Router designed for 1G WAN-to-LAN throughput, with customizable firewall settings and built-in BakPak remote monitoring for connected devices. The RT-3100 Router brings quick setup, pressure-tested reliability and performance for the custom install channel including residential, light commercial and builder communities. The RT-3100 is engineered to deliver up to […]

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Control4 Ships New Pakedge S3 Series Switches for Layer 2 and Layer 3 Routing in Professional AV Applications


Control4 Corporation announces the Pakedge S3L-24P Layer 3 Lite Switch and the updated S3-24P Layer 3 Switch, both with Avnu-certification and support for quick setup for DanteTM and Q-LAN technology.Support of time-synchronization technologies such as Audio Video Bridging (AVB)/Time Sensitive Networking, Dante, and Q-LAN provides professional AV integrators with an interoperable platform providing seamless management for performance-sensitive audio and […]

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Control4 Rolls Out Online Training for IP Network Installers


Control4 Corporation today announces the Pakedge Certified Network Administrator (PCNA) program. PCNA is a training experience that employs online coursework with hands-on learning using Pakedge networking gear to provide dealers and technicians the networking knowledge they need to design, install and manage wired and wireless IP networks. The PCNA course curriculum combines interactive coursework, online instructional office hours and an online certification exam […]

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Control4 Announces Pakedge Wireless Router


Control4 Corporation today announces the immediate availability of the Pakedge WR-1 with BakPak Lite, an integrated network router and wireless access point with built-in cloud-based network management. Pakedge provides networking capability for connected homes, and at $300 U.S. MSRP, the WR-1 with BakPak management software enables Control4 Dealers to provide a new consumer segment the benefits of a monitored, intelligent home network. The WR-1 implements […]

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Extron Ships Industry’s First Control Processor With AV LAN Ports and PoE+ 


In a move to, no doubt, be watched by both Luxul and Pakedge, Extron’s new IPCP Pro 360 is a control processor with three dedicated AV LAN ports and one standard Ethernet port. The control processor provides PoE+ to external devices, eliminating the need for additional power supplies. It features security standards and Gigabit Ethernet ports, which ensure compatibility with multiple […]

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Control4 Buys Pakedge


Today, Control4 announced the acquisition of Pakedge Device & Software, Inc., a network switch and routing company that was like the Cisco of AV networking as they’ve focused on HomeAV and ProAV IT infrastructure. Why Pakedge? Market Dynamics:  Networks are the foundation of everything connected, but most home networks today are not fully ready for […]

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Pakedge Debuts WX-1 Gigabit AC Wireless Access Point


Pakedge’s new gigabit wireless access point (AP), the WX-1, is an 802.11ac access point that features a 3×3 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radio configuration for what Pakedge claims is up to five times faster connection speed and four times more bandwidth. Supporting twice as many clients, the WX-1 offers a higher channel capacity than […]

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Pakedge’s BakPak 3.0 Now Shipping


Pakedge has introduced the third generation of its BakPak Cloud Management System, which is now available industry-wide after its limited release last month at InfoComm 2015. It is also now shipping with the NP36 network patroller. The cloud based remote management solution gives integrators end-to-end control from a distance with in-depth monitoring of network devices […]

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Pakedge Intros New Access Point in WK-1


According to Pakedge, the WK-1 is an enterprise-grade 802.11ac wireless access point with a built-in 2×2 radio (claiming speed three times the speed and throughput of wireless-N access points). Available in white, making it ideal for most indoor installations, the new wireless-AC access point can also be painted to blend in to almost any architectural […]

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Pakedge Announces Custom Configuration and Branding Storage for Integrators


Pakedge Device & Software has announced the launch of the Pakedge Custom Engineering program. This program gives systems integrators the opportunity to embed their custom configurations into the router firmware itself. In addition, integrators can co-brand their logo into the router’s graphical unit interface (GUI) and onto the unit label. In contrast to loading a […]

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Pakedge Device & Software Intros Three New Lines of Switches


Pakedge Device & Software has introduced three new lines of switches: the fully managed, top tier SX-Series switches, the powerful and affordable SK-Series switches, and the mid-line SE-Series switches. The SX-Series switches will feature a simple GUI for both traffic management and dynamic configuration to manage large volumes of streaming traffic.  In addition to the […]

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Pakedge Intros RE-2 Enterprise Grade Router for AV Market


Pakedge Device & Software is introducing a new addition to its RE router series dubbed the RE-2 — an enterprise grade four-port router. The RE-series of routers is designed for smaller commercial and residential networks where high performance is required at a cost effective price. The RE-2 is built around a powerful chipset and processor […]

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Pakedge Intros Line of Entry-Level Home Networking Gear


Pakedge Device & Software is announcing a range of four “value-priced,” enterprise-grade complete AV network systems designed for use on smaller network deployments or on budget constrained projects. The four systems include Pakedge network components, and are based on two platforms — a standard platform and a power-users platform with TruStream (for users with higher […]

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Pakedge Adds RE-1 4-Port Router


Pakedge Device & Software is launching its new four-port RE-1 router at CEDIA Expo 2014. Built with A/V networks in mind, this “value-priced” router is designed to bring all the power and flexibility of enterprise-grade networking to a new market of users stepping up from consumer grade networking equipment. Unlike data networks, A/V networks stream […]

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Pakedge Ships BakPak Cloud Management System


Pakedge Device and Software’s new BakPak Cloud Management System lets system integrators remotely monitor, manage and maintain their clients’ networks to ensure that they are continuously operating properly. From a smartphone, tablet or any computer web browser, a technician can manage multiple client networks through a simple centralized dashboard. Configurable alerts, sent through text messaging, […]

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Pakedge Debuts Replacement for K6x Router in K60D router


Pakedge Device & Software has announced that its K6x routers have reached End of Life (EOL) status and will be replaced with the K60D series, based on the K60D Enterprise-Class Router. According to Pakedge, these new kits provide increased internal networking speed, throughput, and boast a session-count of up to 500,000 simultaneous sessions — allowing […]

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Pakedge Debuts New S8Wpde 8-Port Gigabit Switch, Powered by PoE


Pakedge Device & Software has introduced its new S8Wpde 8-Port gigabit switch, which can be powered by PoE or AC, letting the S8Wpde function in either new and old buildings alike (PoE or not). Plug-and-play features allow this switch to run without any installation of software. The S8Wpde is fully compliant with all network protocols. […]

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Pakedge Debuts W7R Rack-Mountable Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point


Pakedge Device & Software has expanded its wireless access point lineup with the introduction of the W7R Rack-Mountable Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point (WAP). The new W7R provides simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz operation and comes with symmetrical rack-mountable brackets. Pakedge says the W7R offers improved range, data throughput and reliability along with greater configuration options […]

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Pakedge Ships Its W7O Outdoor Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point


Pakedge Device & Software is now shipping its W7O Outdoor Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point. The W7O allows for simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz dual-band operation, is powered by PoE and uses a IP67-rated weatherproof aluminum housing that protects it from dust, dirt and moisture in harsh outdoor environments. What makes the W7O unique is […]

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Pakedge Intros Wireless-N Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point


Pakedge Device & Software has just launched the W7 Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point that offers simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz operation with more range, speed, reliability and configuration options than conventional designs — some specifically for AV applications. The W7 utilizes exclusive Pakedge Smartwav technology to sense the wireless environment around WAPs and weave a […]

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Pakedge New K61-A and K61U-A Gateways Have Six Pre-Configured VLANs


Pakedge Device & Software has just launched the K61-A and K61U-A gateway appliances. Both have six pre-configured VLANs, Pakedge BakPak monitoring and something the company calls TruStream. The K61U-A includes all the features of the K61-A, with the addition of Pakedge’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security. UTM provides parental controls and high security by […]

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Pakedge Debuts Its S28fe and S20fe Gigabit Ethernet Switches


Pakedge Device & Software’s new S28fe and S20fe are 28-port and 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches, respectively, with four fiber ports with simultaneous gigabit Ethernet and fiber optic port connectivity. Aimed at AV integration applications, both models feature a commercial design that accommodates Pakedge’s new 1U brush plate and 2U/3U cover plate. In addition, these switches […]

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Pakedge to Debut C36 Wireless Access Point Controller at CEDIA 2013


This week at CEDIA, Pakedge Device & Software will introduce its C36 macrocell wireless access point (WAP) controller, which the company claims will make it easier to configure and manage every WAP in a large wireless network by using automated, “intelligent” configuration tools. The Pakedge C36 works with Pakedge’s Global Management software. It expands the […]

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Pakedge Intros 20 Products at CEDIA


At CEDIA 2013, Pakedge Device & Software will debut more than 20 new wireless and wired networking products across five product categories. Pakedge says it has improved its BakPak App to provide device monitoring of Pakedge and other manufacturer products, product configuration, AC and PoE power control and preconfigured SMS, email or mobile push-notification alerts […]

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Big Changes Ahead


It’s been far too long since I’ve shared my wit and charm with the lovely bloggy world. Haha, only kidding!  I have some BIG news, AND life changes that I’m beyond excited about!  The time has finally come for me to share these changes with my favorite #AVTweeps! On June 29th, 2013 my boyfriend  popped the question every girl […]

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Pakedge Introduces Its First 8-Port Fully Managed PoE Gigabit Switch


More and more AV is going IT. And, Pakedge’s new S8Mpd allows for all resolutions of uncompressed video and audio to be routed simultaneously via Ethernet and fiber. Adding to its flexibility, the S8Mpd can be powered Power over Ethernet (PoE) – a major advantage in a retrofit situation where it may not be possible […]

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