Pakedge Ships Its W7O Outdoor Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point

pakedge-w7o-1213Pakedge Device & Software is now shipping its W7O Outdoor Dual-Band Concurrent Wireless Access Point. The W7O allows for simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz dual-band operation, is powered by PoE and uses a IP67-rated weatherproof aluminum housing that protects it from dust, dirt and moisture in harsh outdoor environments.

What makes the W7O unique is its Pakedge Smartwav technology. Smartwav proactively learns the wireless environment around the WAP and directs its signal around potential sources of interference, like microwaves and thick walls. The company says this allows its devices to not only produce a more powerful signal with greater coverage, but to do so while still using less power than competitive devices. The W7O’s four Smartwav antennas broadcast constructive signals via synchronizing waveforms, creating a strong and stable signal without the peaks and valleys characteristic of traditional devices.

The W7O also employs the Pakedge TruStream suite of features for top-notch streaming media performance. TruStream helps the W7O recognize and categorize network traffic to ensure that high-priority traffic like streaming video, music or VoIP is given precedence. TruStream avoids interference and gives priority to latency-sensitive devices, bypassing issues that cause buffering, lag or even complete interruption of streaming playback.

The W7O can be deployed using three methods. The first method, using the Pakedge C36 WAP Controller, is the easiest and fastest as it requires the least amount of manual configuration. The C36 will automatically find and integrate multiple WAPs simultaneously. The second method is by using the Where’s My WAP, a free PC and Mac software discovery tool that allows manual changing of the IP address. Where’s My WAP can be found on the Dealer Portal section of the Pakedge website. The third method is through pure manual configuration, meant for experts doing complex installations where a high degree of customization is required.

Here are all the specs.