Pakedge Intros New Access Point in WK-1

pakedge-wk-1-0515According to Pakedge, the WK-1 is an enterprise-grade 802.11ac wireless access point with a built-in 2×2 radio (claiming speed three times the speed and throughput of wireless-N access points).

Available in white, making it ideal for most indoor installations, the new wireless-AC access point can also be painted to blend in to almost any architectural environment. It will also be available in black which might be used in auditoriums, theaters, or other dim lit conditions.

Powered by PoE+ and with a high signal-to-noise ratio, it delivers a clear signal from anywhere – making it ideal in hard to reach places. Included brackets allow the WK-1 to quickly and easily be mounted to standard or drop-tile style ceilings and walls. Because it is PoE powered the WK-1 does not need to be plugged into a power outlet, allowing integrators more freedom in deciding where the WAP could be placed.

The new, improved GUI makes set up easy. Redesigned for a more unified look to facilitate a more consist experience across the Pakedge platform, the new WK-1 user interface is what Pakedge says is intuitive and incredibly simple. Integrators can access the GUI, set up preferences, and upload firmware in a matter of minutes.

The WK-1 is the most recent Pakedge product to be enabled for the manufacturer’s Custom Engineering program, which burns integrators’ preferred configurations into the firmware. This means an integrator can still make configuration tweaks on a customized wireless, but can revert back to their preferred customization by hitting the factory default button. This essentially condenses your best system integrator’s knowledge and experience and programs in directly into the devices.

In addition, these customized units are co-branded with Pakedge — the integrator’s logo will be visible from the device interface and on the serial number label. The Pakedge Custom Engineering is intended to help dealers scale their business a little more, extending their market reach to new customers more efficiently and effectively while still gaining a profit.

Here are all the detailed specs.