Pakedge Ships BakPak Cloud Management System

pakedge-np36-0714Pakedge Device and Software’s new BakPak Cloud Management System lets system integrators remotely monitor, manage and maintain their clients’ networks to ensure that they are continuously operating properly. From a smartphone, tablet or any computer web browser, a technician can manage multiple client networks through a simple centralized dashboard. Configurable alerts, sent through text messaging, email or push notifications, instantly inform the technician of any connected device or network component issues. Upon detection or notification of a problem, the technician goes to the dashboard to begin the resolution process. Identification of the faulty devices is facilitated through the visual interface — all connected devices are mapped in a hierarchical structure with the faulty device highlighted in red. In contrast, a properly-operating device is highlighted in green or yellow. Once the faulty device is located, the technician can either power-cycle the unit on or off through the upstream Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch port, or through a connected power controller. Advanced repairs and configuration updates can be performed by accessing the device portal from the dashboard. All of this is done off-site of client premises, in real time, through any iOS or Android-based smartphone or computer web browser.

The BakPak Cloud Management System comprises of the NP36 hardware device and the BakPak web/smartphone app. The hardware unit integrates and manages information from the various connected devices and makes it securely accessible from the cloud. The software app provides the interface that technicians use to manage the network. The system is available in three different device management configurations — up to 25 devices for small networks, up to 50 devices for medium size networks, and over 50 devices for large networks. The device limits only apply to non-Pakedge equipment; an unlimited number of connected Pakedge equipment can be monitored regardless of which BakPak configuration is purchased. Users with pre-release versions of the BakPak Cloud Management System should contact Pakedge technical support to bring their system up to the current release version.

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