It’s Social Marketing: Choosing Your Objective

Every advertisement has a call to action, or objective so to speak. Facebook helps its user create the right advertisement by guiding them step-by-step through building an effective advertising campaign, including indicating what the objective, or call to action, is.

Below is a screenshot of the different options for what type of advertising campaign in which you will engage with your consumers.
FB call to action

Boosting Your Posts

This objective allows Facebook to help you build an advertisement that will get more users to see and engage in a specific post. Have an event you want to spread the word about? Or a new product that is about to be released? Boosting your post will allow more users — or, a greater number than just the ones who engage with your business page — to see the content of a particular post.

Promoting Your Page

If you need more users to find and “like” your business page, this objective is just for that. This advertisement will show up in the timelines of your target audience, encouraging them to check out the page and connect with the business.

Sending People to Your Website

So maybe your Facebook business page isn’t where you have all of your information and latest updates. Let’s say that what you really want users to do is visit your company’s website. This is the objective you want to select for the Facebook advertisement as it will help you increase the number of visits to the website.

Website Conversions

If you’re looking for a way to not only attract people to your website, but also encourage them to take a specific action such as signing up for a weekly newsletter, this is the advertising objective you’ll want to use. Facebook uses a pixel system for tracking, optimization and marketing as a way to measure your conversions.

App Installs & App Engagement

These two objectives create an advertisement that encourages users to visit the site or store where they can purchase the app, as well as get them to actually use the app more frequently. Pretty simple to explain, and just as easy to execute via Facebook advertising.

Reach People Near Your Business

Having trouble reaching that target audience that is literally within miles of your business?This objective creates an advertising campaign that promotes your business exclusively to people who are nearby. Facebook calls it “Local Awareness.”

Event Promotion

Say you’ve made a Facebook event for the upcoming 5K that your business is sponsoring, and you’re really struggling to get people to RSVP on the event page. This advertising objective promotes the Facebook event on the timelines of your target audience to not only promote the event, but help increase the attendance at your event in the end.

Offer Claims

This objective, like most others in this list, is simple. By choosing this objective, Facebook can create an effective advertisement that promotes any timely discounts or other deals for people to claim in store or online.

Video Views

You’ve made some great videos to use as marketing content. Now you just need people to watch and share. Use this objective to promote any videos you’ve produced that show behind-the-scenes footage, product info or compelling stories that will help raise awareness about your business/product/brand.

Now that you’ve chosen the objective for your advertisement, it’s time to focus on some more of the particulars: payment, demographic and time information. Stay tuned for the next steps in your Facebook advertising adventure.