It’s Social Marketing: You Need Snapchat


If your company is not using Snapchat yet, it needs to start doing so NOW. Snapchat is yet another social media tool that you can use to effectively (and easily) market your product, company and/or brand. What is Snapchat? Beginning as a classroom creation at Stanford University, the application developed by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy officially launched […]

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It’s Social Marketing: Choosing Your Objective


Every advertisement has a call to action, or objective so to speak. Facebook helps its user create the right advertisement by guiding them step-by-step through building an effective advertising campaign, including indicating what the objective, or call to action, is. Below is a screenshot of the different options for what type of advertising campaign in which […]

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It’s Social Marketing: Facebook Advertisements


Advertisements are everywhere. Flyers. Billboards. Mail. Email. Television. Broadcast. Radio. Brands and companies alike are trying to get the attention of their consumers in any way possible, and with the growth of social media, they’re finding yet another way to do this: social marketing. Facebook advertising is a great example of this. As mentioned in previous posts, it’s […]

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Michael Rogers Gives Opening Keynote at CEDIA Future Home Experience 2015


Michael Rogers spoke to a standing-room only audience about what he called the “virtualization of America and the world” in last night’s Opening Keynote at CEDIA Future Home Experience 2015. Rogers, known as “The Practical Futurist,” insisted that more and more of the things we do every day are going to be in the cybersphere. The virtualization […]

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It’s Social Marketing: Facebook to Consumer


Facebook is all about making connections — between friends, family, businesses, etc. Any business will include making a connection with its target audience as a priority in its marketing efforts. Whether it be through direct marketing, newspaper advertising, phone calls or even word-of-mouth, that connection is key to getting a message across. So back to […]

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It’s Social Marketing: Facebook


Founded in 2004 by Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook continues to remain a relevant social media powerhouse. Its mission is “ give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” The statistics for Facebook are incredible. 968 million daily active users on average for June 2015 844 million mobile daily active […]

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