RFID Arrives Thanks to AMX

I knew it was coming, but this was faster than I thought. Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is increasingly being used in all sorts of manufacturing and retail facilities – anywhere a lot of products reside, and now it’s available for ProAV.

We keep looking for the next killer app to shake up our market. RFID may be it. Other than media servers, RFID is the first really new product you can take to any new or existing customers – an entirely new revenue stream for you and an obvious benefit for them.

AMX showed at InfoComm the new Anterus system, an RFID solution designed specifically for use with integrated control systems. The Anterus product family allows users in any commercial or residential environment to locate, track and secure any device, or trigger automated events.

Anterus was designed to extend the capabilities of AMX’s Resource Management Suite, which allows users to manage and monitor electronic equipment and schedule meeting/class rooms. When Anterus is used in conjunction with an RMS application, such as MeetingManager or ClassroomManager, system administrators will not only know when a device has been unplugged or moved – an existing feature of RMS – they will also be able to pinpoint the device’s exact location. An Anterus Asset Tag placed on a device such as a projector, DVD player or laptop, and the AMX control system will notify administrators as the device moves in and out of areas monitored by Anterus.

The Anterus product line consists of three RFID tags – an Asset Tag, ID Badge and Key Chain – which are attached to devices, worn by people or attached to key chains to identify and track location, and trigger automated events.

Using this on keychains, for example, can let homeowners trigger a series of automated events – such as lights turning on and temperature adjusting to a specified level – by simply walking up to their front door or stepping off of the elevator. The same for a classroom instructor who needs repeated setups of projectors, screens, lights, window treatments, etc. And an ID badge could also permit or deny entry into specific areas of a facility.

AMX expects to be shipping this within 90 days.