AMX Adds to Its SVSI N3300 AV-over-IP Product Line With New Dante AV-H System

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The new AMX SVSI N3300 Series Encoders and Decoders are capable of H.26x 4K@60 4:4:4 Dante AV-H video content. In addition to transmitting HDCP content from N3300 Encoders to Decoders, the company says the Series also features transport of full-bandwidth USB 2.0 signals between encoders and decoders, recording of video to a USB 3.0 external drive on encoders, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel and enhanced support for high-security networks. N3300 Encoders simultaneously output 4K60 H.26x and 1080p H.26x video streams to provide the best local video quality and the lowest bandwidth video for remote viewing or recording when required.

AMX says moving 4K60 video to or from the Cloud is easier with AMX SVIS N3300 Series Encoders and Decoders. N3300 models feature full-bandwidth USB 3.0 video recording of non-HDCP content on an external USB drive. Additional features include the ability to schedule the transfer of recordings from a connected USB drive to a network storage system.

Multicast support, VLAN tagging, QoS and the latest N3300 integrated security features ease enterprise IT teams’ ability to manage network traffic, allowing SVSI AV-over-IP solutions to share the enterprise network with other systems. N3300 models also feature resolution support of up to 4K@60 4:2:0 with interoperability of products based on the same Dante AV-H technology. H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video compression standards are both supported.

AMX says nn open API allows any control system or application, such as Zoom Rooms, to control the device. Whether N3300 models are being included in the project as part of a larger HARMAN Professional installation or it’s the only AMX product in an installation with many other control and audio products from various manufacturers, the open API will allow it to be integrated seamlessly.