AMX is Back in the Control System Business with MUSE Control Family

amxAMX hinted it was back in the control system business last November with the debut of its Varia touch screens. Today, it announced the AMX MUSE, calling it “automation controllers.” AMX says the MUSE can simultaneously process unlimited scripts written in JavaScript, Python or Groovy and natively support so-called low-code development with Node-RED.

AMX says MUSE Automation Controllers feature an embedded processor that’s 10x faster than the processor in 10-year-old AMX NX Controllers, and include more memory and industrial-grade eMMC storage. Built on HARMAN’s secure Linux platform, AMX says its MUSE controllers are designed to surpass the requirements of the most secure installations. Additionally, these Controllers natively support HARMAN’s HControl (open-API), HiQnet (legacy HARMAN audio devices) and ICSP (legacy AMX control devices) protocols.

At launch, AMX has four versions of MUSE:

  • MU-1000 – ICSLan & PoE
  • MU-1300 – 2 Serial, 2 IR, 4 IO ports
  • MU-2300 – 4 Serial, 4 Relays, 4 IR, 4 IO & ICSLan ports
  • MU-3300 – 8 Serial, 8 Relays, 8 IR, 8 IO & ICSLan ports

All the specs are here: