AMX Debuts Two New H.264 Video Encoders

amx-0214AMX’s new H.264 Encoders are designed to allow live video from cameras as well as video from PCs, set-top boxes and more to be streamed onto any network.

The AMX H.264 Encoder is available in two models — the NMX-ENC-1100 and NMX-ENC-1105. Both feature a multi-format input to support digital video signals, including MPEG-2 TS over UDP and RTP, as well as legacy analog sources such as an SDI source. The NMX-ENC-1100 is now shipping in the U.S., while the NMX-ENC-1105 will begin shipping later this month. AMX says that both models are expected to ship globally in June 2014.

Both are here.