Ocean Matrix Releases New H.264-based AV-Over-IP Extenders


Ocean Matrix released a new series of H.264-based AV-over-IP extenders with several options, including units with PoE, IR control, H.264 video compression, two-channel audio and more. All of the new series are HDMI, HDCP compliant and transmit signals up to 394 feet over a single Cat5e/6 cable for point to point transmission and support multi-layered […]

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New MuxLab IP H.264/H.265 PoE Transmitter Supports 4K@30Hz AV-over-IP


MuxLab’s new HDMI over IP H.264/H.265 PoE Transmitter is specified to transmit 4K/30 AV-over-IP. It also claims less than 200ms latency (in low latency mode) with H.265 compression of 4K. Each of MuxLab’s transmitters can connect AV equipment to a network from up to 100 meters in distance using a standard Cat5e/6. Once on the […]

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TrueConf Adds Support for Open H.264


TrueConf has added support for Cisco’s Open H.264 video codec. This implementation of H.264 provides wide compatibility of TrueConf solutions with third-party video conferencing endpoints and enhanced web conferencing experience. Cisco open-sourced it’s H.264 codec implementation as a license-free alternative solution to allow its use in WebRTC standard along with VP8 video codec. Open H.264 ensures compatibility between […]

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New H.264 Streaming Media Processor With FlexOS Now Shipping


Extron is shipping its new SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor with FlexOS, an H.264 streaming media processor that captures and distributes live AV sources and presentations. With five available inputs, the SMP 351 creates high-impact content by combining two high resolution signals, a background image and metadata into dynamic layouts that enhance a presentation’s message. […]

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Videovation Intros Stand-Alone H.264 Encoder


The Videovation VEN-3000 is a standalone H.264 video encoder designed for transmission of real-time video and audio signals over IP networks. And it enables multiple, user selectable compression algorithms depending on software and hardware configuration options. The VEN-3000 encoder compresses a standard- or high-definition video source with accompanying audio signals for transmission over IP networks. […]

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R. L. Drake Aims to Simplify Multipoint Distribution for Public Education and Government Channels With New Encoders


R. L. Drake today launched the PEG-NE24-IP, a stand-alone, single HD-SDI input MPEG-2 and H.264 digital encoder, designed to optimize multi-point media distribution for applications such as public education, government and sports. For those requiring an analog composite video input due to source equipment capability, Drake has also introduced the PEG-NE24-IP-C encoder, which includes composite […]

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Extron Tackles Lecture Capture with the Introduction of the SMP 351 and FlexOS


Extron just launched the SMP 351, an H.264 streaming media processor for capturing and distributing live AV sources and presentations. Featuring up to five inputs, the SMP 351 creates high-impact content by combining two high resolution signals, a background image and metadata into dynamic layouts that enhance a presentation’s message. The SMP 351 supports both […]

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Crestron DigitalMedia Adds Streaming and Uncompressed HD Video


Using the new DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card for DigitalMedia switchers in tandem with the DMC-STR Streaming Input Card, Crestron DM switchers can send and receive H.264 streaming video. The DMC-STR Streaming Input Card enables you to receive H.264 streaming video input and then output it via any output card in the DM switcher or the […]

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AMX Debuts Two New H.264 Video Encoders


AMX’s new H.264 Encoders are designed to allow live video from cameras as well as video from PCs, set-top boxes and more to be streamed onto any network. The AMX H.264 Encoder is available in two models — the NMX-ENC-1100 and NMX-ENC-1105. Both feature a multi-format input to support digital video signals, including MPEG-2 TS […]

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Did Extron Just Get Into Digital Signage Media Player Market with New H.264 Streaming SME 100?


Extron’s new SMD 101 is a compact H.264 streaming media decoder used with Extron SME 100 encoders to provide complete end-to-end AV streaming systems. The SMD 101 is designed specifically for use in professional AV applications to decode live streamed content from SME 100 encoders or play back AV media files accessible from network shares. […]

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Haivision Launches New H.264 Encoding Platform With Makito X Series


Haivision today announced its “next-generation” H.264 video encoding platform, the Makito X Series. Haivision says the Makito X Series offers a six-fold increase in encoding power that delivers high quality HD video using half of the bandwidth of comparable encoders. The Makito X2, a dual channel low-latency HD-SDI H.264 encoder, is the first Haivision product […]

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HaiVision’s New MAKITO Is HD H.264 Video Encoding with Component and DVI Inputs


HaiVision launched their latest MAKITO, an HD H.264 encoder that now supports both component analog and DVI inputs.  HaiVision says the MAKITO delivers low latency, full frame rate H.264 encoding of high definition video up to 1080p60, or computer graphics resolutions up to 1280×1024 (SXGA). For more info, to go:  http://www.haivision.com/products/makito

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HaiVision Announces TASMAN Digital H.264 MPEG-4 AVC Low Latency Video Encoder/Decoder Family

HaiVision Systems announced the latest H.264 products within their hai200 series – the TASMAN Digital. The TASMAN codec systems are now available with digital video and audio I/O. The TASMAN Digital family supports SDI (Serial Digital Interface) video and AES/EBU digital audio and they are available as an encoder/decoder (TASMAN Digital Communicator), an encoder only […]

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