Leonard’s InfoComm Minute Day the First — on Standards

June 16, 2023

A decade ago internet cartoonist Randall Munroe made a joke about the proliferation of standards, in which an attempt to create a single unifying standard to replace 14 competing standards instead exacerbated the problem by creating a 15th competing standard. Everyone who creates a standard has a vision for why they are doing so, for […]

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Audinate Announces Dante AV-A Partnership With ASPEED Technology

June 6, 2023

Audinate announced a partnership with ASPEED Technology to extend Dante AV to its AV-over-IP chipset. The new version, dubbed Dante AV-A, has been optimized to work on the ASPEED AST1530/1535 SoC (System on Chip) and is initially supported by nine leading AV manufacturers. Since 2004, ASPEED has been a leading pioneer in AV-over-IP solutions designed […]

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K-array to Debut Fully Connected Software Suite at InfoComm 23

May 26, 2023

K-array will return to InfoComm this June where it will launch its latest technology in the form of a fully connected software suite. These new software offerings are designed to complement K-array’s hardware and enhance the user experience of professionals across the audio industry. “As we expand our group of K-array brands, including K-array, KGEAR […]

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Dante Elevates Performances at the Burgtheater

May 23, 2023

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, May 23, 2023 — Opening in 1741, the Burgtheater in Vienna is the national theater of Austria. Over the years, its theater company has created a distinctive style and speech unique to Burgtheater performances. The Burgtheater has an incredibly full events calendar, holding performances nightly except for Christmas Eve and Good Friday […]

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Focusrite Red and RedNet Technology Lets Rawr Productions Be Everywhere It Needs to Be

May 19, 2023

Los Angeles, CA, May 4, 2023 – The massive Los Angeles-area post-production industry has seen a vast amount of business consolidation in recent years, but that’s also created opportunities for independent organizations to thrive. One of those is Rawr Productions, a 2,500-square-foot Webby Award-winning post facility in Burbank that has established itself in television’s ever-deeper pool […]

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Audinate Announces Availability of Transferable Licenses for Dante Virtual Soundcard

May 16, 2023

Audinate, the developer of Dante, announced the availability of transferable licenses for the popular Dante Virtual Soundcard audio interface software. This new license type allows users to “easily move a license from one computer to another.” Dante Virtual Soundcard runs on Windows and macOS computers and provides an audio interface to applications for up to […]

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Audinate Group Limited Announces Dante Studio 2.0 Software Update

March 1, 2023

Audinate Group Limited announced the Dante Studio 2.0 software update and new subscription pricing. Dante Studio is a suite of software tools comprised of Dante RX, Dante TX and Dante Video Viewer that brings Dante AV video directly into a PC from Dante AV Ultra or Dante AV-H cameras, encoders or other computers running Dante […]

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Audinate Releases Software Solution for Integrating Dante Control Into H.264-Based Designs

September 7, 2022

Audinate announced Dante AV-H, a new software solution designed to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to incorporate Dante control into existing H.264-based IP video product designs. Part of the Dante AV product family, the company also announced ten partners who will build products with Dante AV-H, including AVer, Avonic, Bolin, BZB Gear, HuddleCam, Lumens, […]

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Q-SYS Delivers Mass-Scale Experiences to Resorts World Las Vegas

August 19, 2022

Resorts World Las Vegas, the first integrated resort to be built on the Strip in over a decade, has partnered with Q-SYS to create “amazing” experiences for patrons in its luxury suites, event spaces and common areas. The Q-SYS Platform delivers a software-based solution that supports large-scale centralized processing comprised of over 2,000 end points […]

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Dante Controller Now Available With Built-In Support for Eight Languages

July 6, 2022

Audinate Group Limited just announced that Dante Controller is now available with built-in language support for English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Korean. Dante Controller is the configuration tool thousands of audio professionals use every day to run their Dante networks. Dante Controller lets them label devices and channels, route any Dante devices, monitor their Dante network, and […]

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ProSource Announces New HR Playbook

June 9, 2022

LAS VEGAS, JUNE 8th, 2022 – Audinate Group Limited (ASX:AD8), developer of the industry leading Dante® AV over IP solution today introduced Dante Brooklyn 3 audio networking module and Dante Fremont 3 AV networking module. The new modules are pin-compatible replacements for the popular Dante Brooklyn 2 and Dante Fremont modules and have been redesigned to […]

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MediaMatrix Introduces the sWALL 2×2 Audio Network Interface Panel with Dante

June 9, 2022

MediaMatrix (a Peavey Commercial Audio brand) introduced the sWALL 2×2 audio network interface panel with Dante and AES67 audio-over-IP network compatibility. This in-wall surface mount panel is designed for fixed installation in engineered audio and communication systems, offering IT and pro-audio teams the freedom and flexibility that comes from not having to run hundreds of […]

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Audinate Group Limited Launches Dante Brooklyn 3 Audio Networking Module and Dante Fremont 3 AV Networking Module

June 8, 2022

Audinate Group Limited, developer of Dante AV-over-IP, just launched the Dante Brooklyn 3 audio networking module and Dante Fremont 3 AV networking module. The new modules are pin-compatible replacements for the Dante Brooklyn 2 and Dante Fremont modules and have been redesigned to ensure continuous availability while delivering support for current and future Dante features. […]

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RME Releases New 12Mic Dante Preamp With Custom-Built FPGA Platform

June 6, 2022

RME just dropped the 12Mic Dante as the latest pre-amp to RME’s Dante lineup. The new iteration incorporates a custom-built RME designed FPGA platform utilizing Audinate’s Dante IP Core, a solution that circumvents current and future chip shortages by eliminating the need for an Audinate Dante chip, assuring consistent production of the product. The 12MIC-Dante […]

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AV-over-IP With SDVoE and Dante Now on the Horizon

June 3, 2022

The SDVoE Alliance announced a collaboration with Semtech and Audinate for a turnkey reference design that simplifies AV-over-IP by combining the power of SDVoE video and Dante audio, discovery, clocking and software control. The SDVoE Alliance, Semtech and Audinate’s collaboration enable Dante-functionality to accelerate and streamline integration with SDVoE technology. Semtech’s BlueRiver AV-over-IP chipset is paired […]

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Audinate Intros Dante Virtual Soundcard Software for Mac, Windows

March 23, 2022

Audinate Group Limited, developer of Dante AV over IP solution, just announced the availability of its Dante Virtual Soundcard software for both Mac and Windows computers, now optimized for Apple Silicon processors such as the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max as well as the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft. Dante Virtual Soundcard is […]

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Protecting the Supply Chain to Serve Integrators and End Users

November 17, 2021

By Bryce Dunn Audinate Supply chains — once solely the domain of product managers and procurement specialists — are now being discussed in the evening news as disruptions impact the availability of a wide range of consumer and commercial goods. Semiconductors, in particular, have been affected by a significant uptick in demand that has not […]

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Studio Technologies Now Shipping StudioComm System With Model 792 Center Controller and Model 793 Control Console

November 10, 2021

Studio Technologies is now shipping the StudioComm System with Dante Support, consisting of the Model 792 Central Controller and the Model 793 Control Console. With the variety of audio formats and channel counts used in modern production workflows, audio personnel have a heightened need for specialized source selection and level control equipment. StudioComm System allows […]

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Audinate’s Dante Assists in Australian Museum’s Centerpiece Exhibition Renovation

April 7, 2021

ACMI, Australia’s national museum of screen culture located in Melbourne, underwent a renovation that completely overhauled its centerpiece exhibition design — and its AV system — to allow visitors to take a journey through Australia’s history of moving images. By utilizing robust, immersive and interactive AV, the exhibition, titled “The Story of the Moving Image,” […]

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RH Consulting: 3,000+ Products Now Include Dante – That’s 91% of Network Audio Products on Market

March 30, 2021

Audinate’s Dante, basically the de facto standard for digital audio networking, recently reached a milestone with more than 3,000 different products now incorporating Dante for audio-over-IP connectivity. According to research from RH Consulting, 3,034 Dante-enabled devices are available from 361 different manufacturers as of January 2021. The data from RH Consulting indicates Dante is the […]

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Dynacord Intros MXE5 24 x 24 Matrix for IP-Based Peripherals With Dante and AES70-Compliant Control

March 30, 2021

Dynacord’s MXE5 is a 24×24 matrix/communications hub for IP-based peripherals integrated with Dante and AES70-compliant control aimed at fixed installations in stadiums, sports venues, convention, conference and event centers, churches and larger educational facilities. Dynacord just improved the MXE5’s DSP configuration by adding the SONICUE sound system software for control. In addition, MXE5 now features […]

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Nortek Security Announces New ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System

June 24, 2020

The new ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System that uses Dante audio technology was announced by Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC). The new ELAN IP-enabled Audio Distribution System leverages Dante for distributing audio long distances over an existing network, thereby simplifying whole-house audio and reducing cabling and labor costs. The comprehensive new ELAN audio distribution […]

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Long Distance Production and Performance Made Possible with Dante Domain Manager

May 13, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore., May 13, 2020 – The annual Innovation In Music conference is an international music event that brings together researchers and professionals who are shaping the future of the music industry. The event welcomes academics, artists, producers, engineers, music industry professionals, and manufacturers to come together and hear presentations and discussions on a wide range […]

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QSC Announces Availability of Dante for Q-SYS

May 5, 2020

QSC has announced the availability of software-based Dante for the Q-SYS Ecosystem. As part of its partnership with Audinate, these feature licenses allow integrators to enable Dante networked audio integration on Q-SYS Core 110f processors running Q-SYS Designer Software v8.3.1 or higher. This software implementation eliminates the need for additional hardware I/O to integrate Dante […]

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Studio Technologies’ New Party-Line Intercom Solution Can Host 16 Users

April 15, 2020

Studio Technologies launched the new Model 5421 Dante Intercom Engine, a Dante Audio-over-IP (AoIP) party-line intercom solution for up to 16 users. It incorporates an intercom-specific Auto Mix algorithm that optimizes party-line audio quality and reduces ambient interference from open mics. The compact half-rack enclosure is intended for use with Studio Technologies’ 370-series of Dante-enabled […]

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12th Man Productions Provides Access to All Texas A&M Fans Thanks to Dante and Dante Domain Manager

March 24, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore., March 18, 2020 – Located in the heart of the Houston-Dallas-Austin triangle, within a two-hour drive of most of the state’s 28 million residents, Texas A&M’s main campus in College Station is home to more than 62,500 students. Another 5,700 are at branch campuses in locations across Texas – and as far away […]

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Studio Technologies Intros StudioComm Dante Multichannel Monitoring System

February 25, 2020

Studio Technologies just introduced the StudioComm Dante Audio-over-IP-enabled multichannel monitoring system, the Model 792 Central Controller and the Model 793 Control Console. The new system combines a rack-mounted main electronics unit with a desktop-user control surface. The so-called “fully-pro” signal path uses programmable logic to support both digital and analog audio. An extensive set of […]

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How Dante Could Disrupt the AV-Over-IP Market

February 13, 2020

By Aviad Cohen Founder, Comeet I’ve been a fan of AV-over-IP ever since I first worked with the technology — but the number of vendors and different solutions out in the market make it very hard for customers to choose. How could an AV investment be protected if there is no standard? You can be […]

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Sonifex to Feature DIO Audiophile Dante Interfaces at ISE 2020

February 7, 2020

Sonifex’s new DIO Audiophile Dante Interfaces are plug and play audio interfaces, which provide a convenient method of connecting legacy analog and digital audio equipment to the Dante AoIP audio network. There are nine products in the range which cover mono and stereo analog and AES3 inputs and outputs, together with a microphone amplifier and […]

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Sonifex Releases Three New Multi-Channel Dante Audio Interfaces

February 6, 2020

Sonifex has released three multi-channel Dante audio interfaces that convert balanced analog audio line inputs and outputs to Dante AoIP. The range consists of three products: AVN-AIO4, AVN-AIO8 and the AVN-AO16. The AVN-AIO4 four-input, four-output Dante interface provides four analog audio inputs and four analog audio outputs on Neutrik XLR connectors. Similarly, the AVN-AIO8 eight-input, […]

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Audinate Ships Dante AV Product Design Suite in Q1 2020

February 5, 2020

Audinate today announced that the new Dante AV Product Design Suite (“Dante AV PDS”) will be shipping in Q1 2020 to manufacturers who have ordered it to develop AV-over-IP products that employ Dante AV technology. The Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete turnkey recipe allowing OEMs to build a high-quality AV over IP endpoint […]

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MSE Audio Announces SoundTube STNet Soundbar

January 22, 2020

MSE Audio has introduced the SoundTube STNet Soundbar to enable IP-based PoE to a soundbar. The Dante Soundbar will debut at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 at stand 3-C100. SoundTube’s Dante Soundbar is an ultra-thin, two-way Dante-enabled digital end-point solution in a soundbar configuration. Featuring a built-in amplifier and DSP, the soundbar measures only 1½ inches […]

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