AV-over-IP With SDVoE and Dante Now on the Horizon

dante sdvoe

The SDVoE Alliance announced a collaboration with Semtech and Audinate for a turnkey reference design that simplifies AV-over-IP by combining the power of SDVoE video and Dante audio, discovery, clocking and software control.

The SDVoE Alliance, Semtech and Audinate’s collaboration enable Dante-functionality to accelerate and streamline integration with SDVoE technology. Semtech’s BlueRiver AV-over-IP chipset is paired with Dante Embedded Platform to create a turnkey audio and software control solution for SDVoE-based products. The reference design is interoperable with over 3,000 Dante-enabled audio products from more than 500 manufacturers. SDVoE technology expands the Dante ecosystem by enabling a category of AV-over-IP products traditionally supported by matrix switches. By combining SDVoE with Dante, manufacturers can create solutions which are optimized for both audio and video, utilizing a single control interface in Dante Controller.

(Semtech’s BlueRiver chipset claims to be the “world’s only chipset to transport uncompressed, near zero-latency Ultra HD/4K HDR over standard Ethernet and is the foundation for SDVoE technology.” SDVoE says its technology offers imperceptible latency (less than 0.1ms) and pixel packing technology that enables visually lossless 4K40 4:4:4 transmission over standard 10Gb Ethernet networks.

SDVoE is here: