Nortek Security Announces New ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System

elan dante enabled distribution system

The new ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System that uses Dante audio technology was announced by Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC). The new ELAN IP-enabled Audio Distribution System leverages Dante for distributing audio long distances over an existing network, thereby simplifying whole-house audio and reducing cabling and labor costs. The comprehensive new ELAN audio distribution line of products includes a multi-zone audio matrix, multi-zone audio extender, multi-zone preamp audio matrix, local audio source interface and a network audio card.

The new ELAN amplifiers in the IP-enabled audio distribution system also include preamp audio out connections that can be used to deliver audio to external amplifiers designed to power landscape speaker systems. The solution is highly flexible and expandable, giving the ability to add more sources or more zones when needed. Adding to the flexibility is the local audio source, which can be placed anywhere a source is located, delivering audio to the system over the network. For example, it can be used with a turntable or be placed behind a TV.

The new IP-enabled products are:

  • EL-IPD-MTX-8CH Multi Zone Audio Matrix
  • EL-IPD-AMP-EXT Multi Zone Audio Extender
  • EL-IPD-PRE-MSI Multi Zone Pre-Amp Audio Matrix
  • EL-IPD-PRE-SSI Local Audio Source
  • EL-IPD-NAC-EXT Network Audio Card

The ELAN Audio Lineup leverages the ELAN 8.5 software version.