rAVe [PUBS]’s ProAV Guide to American-Made Products

[PUBS] Independence Day Article Graphic Request As we celebrate Independence Day, there’s no better time to honor the innovation and craftsmanship of American-made AV products. In the spirit Independence Day, we wanted to spotlight the audiovisual solutions developed right here in the USA! These products are a testament to the creativity, dedication and technical expertise that American manufacturers bring to the AV industry.

Vaddio EasyIP 5 ePTZ Camera

vaddio Vaddio says its EasyIP 5 is an HD ePTZ camera with 5x zoom and an ultra-wide field of view. It features one EasyIP (Network PoE+) video output with plug-and-play connectivity with other Vaddio EasyIP collaboration endpoints. Vaddio says the EasyIP 5 benefits from the company’s IntelliFrame technology, which uses a combination of motion detection and algorithms to deliver smooth, accurate and reliable participant framing. It offers customized camera performance for different environments and meeting types, mass firmware updates and free local technical support without any service contracts. Vaddio says EasyIP cameras are able to send full HD feeds to an EasyIP Decoder or EasyIP Mixer for delivery to web-based conferencing solutions through a connection to a 1 Gb PoE+ switch. This eliminates the need for costly USB extensions and makes it easy to integrate audio, according to the company. The EasyIP 5 joins the EasyIP 10, 20 and 30 cameras along with Dante audio products and control solutions for a complete AV-over-IP solution.

Visionary PNA-D4

visionary The PNA-D4 is the initial variant in Visionary’s PacketAV Series of network-based endpoints, according to the company. Visionary says this four-channel Class-D network audio amplifier operates at 4/8 ohms per channel and features Dante/AES67 inputs. Powered via PoE+, it “eliminates” the need for an external power supply, making it suitable for industrial, commercial and ProAV installations. As a network device, Visionary says the PNA-D4 allows for easy deployment and precise sound control. Its four independent channels can source audio from any Dante or AES67 stream on the network, managed using Dante Controller software or other third-party applications. The Class-D design ensures efficient power use, making the PNA-D4 ideal for efficient and effective digital audio distribution over PoE+ Ethernet.


Draper Custom AV Mounts and Structures

According to the company, Draper Custom Mounts & Structures are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured at its facility in Spiceland, Indiana. Draper says it uses advanced design and fabrication processes to create mounting structures that combine strength and precision with minute adjustability. Its custom capabilities include curved displays, displays that turn corners, motorized or moving displays, flown or suspended displays, mobile displays and often something that has never before been done. By using its own in-house capabilities, Draper says it can create custom designs more quickly and to a higher standard. Changing project requirements are handled much more smoothly, and shipping is faster and cheaper.

Biamp TesiraFORTÉ X

biamp The TesiraFORTÉ X is the next generation of Tesira DSP processing with Tesira 4.0 software and firmware. Biamp says the  TesiraFORTÉ X combines elements of previous Tesira devices in one product for quick and easy integration for medium-to-large conference spaces. The TesiraFORTÉ X 400/800/1600 family of devices are conference room DSPs featuring multiple network and analog audio connection points. With 4, 8 and 16 channels of Acoustic Echo Cancelation (AEC) respectively, Biamp says users can choose the model that meets the number of microphones required for the room. It is also compatible with Biamp Launch, which triggers automatic discovery, configuration and tuning of connected Biamp devices without the need for custom programming. The company says the TesiraFORTÉ X is designed to be used primarily with Biamp’s beam-forming microphones, PoE amplifiers and speakers. A system including these elements within the UC-room system, along with a display and camera, provide a complete technology solution for UC-enabled conference rooms, according to Biamp.

SoundTube Entertainment CM-BGM-II-US In-Ceiling Speakers

soundtube SoundTube Entertainment says it released its new line of US-manufactured speakers with four models of the CM-BGM-II-US series. According to the company, these speakers are currently the only US-made commercial in-ceiling speakers, and represent a significant step in SoundTube’s commitment to additional domestic manufacturing and product quality. SoundTube says the CM-BGM-II-US speakers are designed to meet the requirements of the Buy American Act (BAA), making them especially suitable for government installations where BAA is required. This compliance not only supports American jobs and manufacturing, but also ensures that consultants and integrators working with government entities can confidently specify these products knowing the products adhere to stringent federal procurement requirements. SoundTube says the CM-BGM-II-US speakers deliver rich, clear background music with the same high-performance drivers and broad dispersion characteristics of SoundTube products.

Nanolumens Nixel 0.9mm Flex

SB45679.NEF Nanolumens’ Nixel Flex Series features fine pixel pitches starting at 0.9mm and integrates True Curve Technology. Designed to bend and arch to create convex and concave curved displays, Nanolumens says the Nixel Flex can integrate into existing architecture to become part of the building. This product, designed by the Nanolumens mechanical, electrical and special projects teams, combines a unique frame and skin design. The metals are fabricated entirely in Atlanta, and the final assembly of the display is completed in Nanolumens production facility. With a display life of 100,000 hours, Nanolumens says the Nixel 0.9mm Flex is front-serviceable, super slim, lightweight and energy-efficient. Unlike traditional rigid panels, the Nixel 0.9mm Flex can bend and arch to ensure “superior aesthetics” from every angle, even up close. The company says this display enhances creative freedom for designers, architects and integrators, enabling the creation of unique shapes, multi-story designs and double-sided screens, transforming spaces with visual experiences.

Insta360 Connect

According to the company, the Insta360 Connect “revolutionizes” video conferencing with its dual-4K cameras, designed for crystal-clear communication and immersive meeting experiences in small and mid-size meeting rooms. Featuring a built-in 14 Mic Array, Insta360 says it captures voices clearly up to 10 meters away, leveraging advanced algorithms like Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for audio clarity. The company says the dual-camera system delivers 4K video with a wide-angle cam and a telephoto gimbal camera, enhanced by AI super-resolution for detailed close-ups. Insta360 Connect’s speaker tracking, powered by voiceprint and face recognition, ensures accurate and dynamic participant tracking, even in challenging conditions.

insta360 connect

Compact and easy to install, Insta360 says supports connect directly to a laptop for BYOD meetings, making it versatile for major meeting platforms. Insta360 Connect has a built-in physical privacy protection switch, which can physically disconnect audio and video, safeguarding privacy.

Da-Lite Myriad

Da-Lite says the Myriad is an all-new ceiling recessed, wall- and ceiling-mounted electric screen system that streamlines installation. The Myriad system addresses this by offering two core options: the Da-Lite Myriad Conceal ceiling-recessed screen, designed with ceiling trim in place to conceal the rough opening and the Da-Lite Myriad Reveal wall- and ceiling-mounted screen, featuring horizontally and vertically adjustable brackets that accommodate either mounting preference. Da-Lite also highlights the SightLine cable-drop feature, whichda lite gives the impression of a floating screen. The company says a suspension system is packed into the electric screen’s single-roller design, featuring three or four cables that are virtually undetectable when lowered and that eliminate the unsightly black border above the projection screen. Da-Lite also says installers no longer have to measure and specify drop distance when ordering. The cables allow the screen to be adjusted to any drop distance with up to 16’ in length. This feature further enhances this flexibility by enabling the screen to be adjusted up or down, accommodating different viewing heights and architectural features without requiring structural modifications. The Myriad system also features high-resolution screen surfaces, such as the HD Progressive screen surfaces that are 16K ready with Parallax Ambient Light Rejection, according to the company.

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Middle Atlantic Forum Lectern

forum lecturn Middle Atlantic Products says its Forum Lectern presents integrators with numerous advantages. Its ADA compliance expands accessibility, ensuring inclusivity in diverse environments. The lectern’s electrically height-adjustable design simplifies installation, accommodating various user preferences. Additionally, the company says its customizable features, facilitate tailored solutions that align with integration needs, client branding and aesthetics. These benefits collectively streamline the integration process, reducing complexity and enhancing customer satisfaction, according to Middle Atlantic.


quamQuam says the SYSTEM 17URS provides flat frequency response and “excellent” sound in a 2′ x 2′ lay-in ceiling tile replacement enclosure. It has a high durability, powder coated and perforated steel baffle, with a lightweight speaker assembly that includes an 8″, foam edge speaker with a 10 oz. magnet and a 4 Watt, 25/70V transformer with rotary tap selector. By providing excellent sound quality, visual appeal and Quam reliability, the company says the SYSTEM 17URS is designed for a wide range of demanding applications. The SYSTEM 17URS is UL Listed, and provides four  seismic tie-off points to comply with local codes in most jurisdictions. The fully assembled, 2′ x 2′ enclosure of the SYSTEM 17URS can be installed in a ceiling tile grid in about one minute, which Quam says saves installation labor.

CrimsonAV KOFP-BB-SAM Series

crimsonav CrimsonAV says the KOFP55-BB-SAM outdoor back to back portrait kiosk is designed to support Samsung OHA-S, OHA or OHBdisplays. This kiosk has options to support a camera, media player and router as well as speakers. The company says this kiosk can also come with touch using an IR touch overlay. The display brightness is 3000 nits and boasts an operation temperature of -40c to 50c. According to the company, this kiosk can be used in outdoor mall applications, street kiosks, QSR, hospitality, casino’s, hotels and more. CrimsonAV says the kisoks are constructed using 14 G. and 12 GA high-impact steel and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate display that ensures longevity and years of use. camera stand

SAVY Series FII Camera Stand

The SAVY Series FII Camera Stand is designed to solve common camera placement issues, offering several key features. It provides custom height options (40” to 108”), universal mounting for 100mm or 75mm bowl mounts and optional PTZ Plate or Mitchell Mount. Stability is ensured with 4.5” steel standoffs, minimizing vibration. The stand accommodates PTZ with easy cable routing, includes optional accessories like monitor mounts and cupholders, and has a compact design that optimizes space. It also eliminates tip or trip hazards, supports various camera sizes using existing tripod heads, and features a durable black textured powder finish, according to the company.

CableEZ Self-Adhesive EZMount

The CableEZ Self-Adhesive EZMount  is a tangle-free cable security solution for classrooms, offices, and hotels. cableezMade in the USA, it ensures secure cable connections to displays without tools or infrastructure changes. Suitable for portable TVs and concrete wall installations, CableEZ says it prevents accidental disconnections and damage. The EZMount installs easily with 3M’s VHB tape, maintaining tidy and functional AV setups.

LG Electronics EV Charging Stations

lg ev chargingIn 2024, LG Electronics entered the U.S. EV charging market, introducing a line of AC and DC chargers that the company says  will support the infrastructure for mobility electrification across America. The Level 2 AC Chargers include a load management solution and variable current settings enabling 11kW of output power through a standard SAE J1772 connector. LG says this charger is designed for wall mounting and offers an optional stand for versatile placement. The LG 1 Level 2 model has been certified to UL 2594 for stability and the EVSE Program Requirements for ENERGY STAR, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s energy and performance standard. LG says the new Level 3 LG chargers coming soon will feature LG software to enable integration with other LG infrastructure elements, including digital display networks. LG opened its new EV Charger production factory in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this year.


atlasiedThe FAP62T-USA Strategy Series speaker package by AtlasIED features 6″ Strategy products designed for straightforward ordering and installation. It includes the FA136T87 Strategy I Series loudspeaker with integrated 70.7V transformer, FA97-6 loudspeaker enclosure, FA720-6 baffle and FA81-6 tile bridge, providing all necessary components for installation, according to the company. Each component is UL1480 and UL2043 listed for general signaling and plenum ceiling installations. Assembled in AtlasIED’s Ennis, Texas commercial manufacturing facility, the company says the FAP62T-USA combines coaxial loudspeaker performance with wide dispersion and a low-profile enclosure, making it ideal for low ceilings. It delivers high fidelity sound reproduction for high-intelligibility voice, music and signal applications in commercial, industrial and institutional settings, meeting Buy American Act compliance requirements.

MAXHUB UW92NA Ultra-Wide 92-inch Display

As the newest addition to MAXHUB’s UW (Ultra-Wide) series, the 92-inch UW92NA ultra-wide 5K display providesmaxhub “stunning definition,” resulting in more expansive communication and a significantly greater impression on the viewer, according to the company. This makes it ideal for businesses that need to display detailed information or graphics to their clients or customers. The new UW92NA facilitates external control via IP or Serial protocols, including certification by Q-SYS, Extron, AMX and others. MAXHUB says this facilitates easy integration into existing systems and ensures that businesses can easily manage the display and control it remotely.

Aurora Multimedia RXT-4D

The RXT-4D is a 4” desktop touch panel with a ReAX JavaScript based control system that the company says is ideal for conference rooms,aurora educational facilities, hospitality, digital signage and more. The RXT-4D has a 1000nit 720×720 1:1 aspect ratio touch screen with 160° viewing. It is also designed to work as a Dante beam forming microphone with advanced hardware for feedback suppression, auto gain and noise cancelation. Aurora says the 2D/3D graphics engine with 4K30 H.264 streaming decoder provides a powerful solution for complex graphics and video, ensuring an enhanced user experience. Aurora also says the RXT-4D has a 4-watt powered speaker, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

PTZOptics Mounts

In the dynamic world of ProAV and video production, PTZOptics says the versatility of PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)ptz cameras is enhanced by the mounting location users choose. Selecting the right mount for users’ chosen camera location is an essential part of any successful PTZ camera project. PTZOptics says it offers a variety of mounts, each designed for different production environments that are tailored for PTZOptics cameras, ensuring a perfect fit.

This Independence Day, let’s continue to  recognize the work being done here at home. Here’s to the companies and  products that make us proud to say “Made in the USA.” Happy Independence Day! *Editor’s Note: The rAVe team is relying on information provided by manufacturers to ensure these products were made in the U.S.; all product descriptions were provided by manufacturers and were edited for style.