RME Releases New 12Mic Dante Preamp With Custom-Built FPGA Platform

rme 12mic dante

RME just dropped the 12Mic Dante as the latest pre-amp to RME’s Dante lineup. The new iteration incorporates a custom-built RME designed FPGA platform utilizing Audinate’s Dante IP Core, a solution that circumvents current and future chip shortages by eliminating the need for an Audinate Dante chip, assuring consistent production of the product.

The 12MIC-Dante is a digitally controlled 12-channel mic preamp with no compromise AD-DA conversion as well as high channel density audio format conversion between Analog, MADI, Dante and ADAT. By including Audinate’s Dante IP Core on a custom-built RME FPGA platform, RME is not only delivering a highly flexible solution, but is one step closer to achieving a universal audio networking experience. The 12MIC-Dante offers 64×64 Dante I/O, 128×128 MADI I/O, 24 outputs of ADAT and a user assignable headphone monitoring output. Unlike the predecessor the 12MIC, introduced in 2020, the new 12MIC-D does not support AVB.

Visually, the 12Mic-D is almost identical to the 12Mic (128 AVB channels), with 12 analogue XLR inputs, with up to 75 dB gain and an exceptional signal-to-noise radio of over 120 dB(A) after AD conversion. The operating concept with front panel display allows users to check and configure the 12 channels directly on the unit, both individually and in groups. Both the 12MIC and 12MIC Dante will be available to customers depending on which audio networking format they choose—Dante or AVB.

One key feature is the lockable front panel that offers ‘Dark Mode’, a new option to switch off all light elements. Also, two RJ-45 amplified network ports (with additional locking) were added to enable reliable and redundant transmission ensuring flawless compatibility within existing network infrastructures. The dual power supplies are also fully redundant (100-240 V AC, 12 V DC) while simultaneously providing an option for battery-powered mobile recording.

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The 12MIC Dante features two types of remote control. Through web GUI, users control of all the internal functions including routing, metering, format conversion routings, and mic preamp settings. Whereas the stand-alone software REMOTE application is designed for Mic preamp control/metering and is accessed over the MADI port as is especially useful when controlling several 12MICs at one time.

Details on the 12Mic-D are here: rme-usa.com