RME Releases New 12Mic Dante Preamp With Custom-Built FPGA Platform

June 6, 2022

RME just dropped the 12Mic Dante as the latest pre-amp to RME’s Dante lineup. The new iteration incorporates a custom-built RME designed FPGA platform utilizing Audinate’s Dante IP Core, a solution that circumvents current and future chip shortages by eliminating the need for an Audinate Dante chip, assuring consistent production of the product. The 12MIC-Dante […]

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RME to Launch New 12Mic, AVB Tool and M-1610 Pro at ISE 2020

January 17, 2020

RME will launch the new 12Mic, AVB Tool and M-1610 Pro at ISE 2020 next month. The three new audio networking products provide professionals with mic preamps, flexible conversion and recording solutions for AVB and MADI applications that ensure pristine audio. RME’s first microphone preamplifier designed for audio networks, the 12Mic 12-channel digitally controlled mic […]

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New Babyface Pro Podcasting Bundle from RME Rolls Out at InfoComm

June 6, 2019

RME will launch an all-in-one audio bundle for professional podcasting at an affordable price. Available now, with other configurations rolling out soon, the new Babyface Pro/Audio-Technica Podcast Bundle offers podcasters broadcast-quality sound and ultimate flexibility by combining RME’s intuitive Babyface Pro audio interface and TotalMix FX mixing software with Audio-Technica’s BP40 Condenser Microphone. The RME’s […]

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Synthax and RME Announce Major Firmware Update for ADI-2 Pro

May 4, 2017

Synthax has announced an update for the RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA converter. Besides correcting a least significant bit error in the input channel 2 (analog right) and an invalid mixer parameter, the new update extends the ADI-2 Pro’s functionality. In addition to a new DSP code optimization (rewriting and restructuring parts of the DSP code to lower system […]

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RME Digiface USB Ships

February 9, 2017

RME’s Digiface USB is a portable and lightweight audio interface (only 220 grams /0.49 pounds) that transfers digital audio data in SPDIF and ADAT format to Windows and Mac computers. There are four optical ADAT / SPDIF I/O inputs and an analog line/phones output via 6.3-millimeter TRS jack. A triple ADAT I/O interface with phones and PCI interface, Digiface USB is designed to simplify […]

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RME and Synthax Announce ADI-2 Pro AD/DA Converter

November 30, 2016

Syntax, distributor for RME, announced the introduction of the ADI-2 Pro high-end AD/DA converter. The ADI-2 Pro is designed for mastering and measurement applications, plus hi-res audio playback — making it well suited to studio applications as well as use in theaters and performing arts venues. Based on the connections being made, the ADI-2 Pro […]

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