Synthax and RME Announce Major Firmware Update for ADI-2 Pro

Synthax has announced an update for the RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA converter. Besides correcting a least significant bit error in the input channel 2 (analog right) and an invalid mixer parameter, the new update extends the ADI-2 Pro’s functionality.

In addition to a new DSP code optimization (rewriting and restructuring parts of the DSP code to lower system resource usage), they’ve also activated the full frequency range for the third EQ band, which can now operate down to 20 Hz. Similarly, there has been an overhaul of Channel 1 and 2 Handling by separating settings memories for Main Output 1/2 and Phones Output 1/2 — there are now individual settings for both sets of outputs.

With this update, the rear outputs now also ramp up the volume when either switching between front and back manually or when removing a phones plug. Further, before switching an output into the Off state, volume is temporarily reduced because the quick mute by the relay often resembles a click sound, which does not happen at lower volumes. With this update, RME has optimized the digital volume control to preserve a full 190 dB distortion-free resolution at the digital outputs.

The updated firmware also provides LCD Tint control and the IPS panels used in the ADI-2 Pro come in a wide range of colors, from bluish white up to a faded yellow. Likewise, there are numerous improvements to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and several new functions, including Bass/Treble Enable On/Off, the ability to toggle between the Phones and Rear outputs by pushing the Volume button for half a second and changing the digital output’s source so they get their signal from the Mains Out 1/2. Additionally, there is now dedicated Mute capability via a Mute entry in the I/O menu of outputs 1/2 and 3/4, re-mapped function keys for improved efficiency, plus a Bit Test to ensure full bit accuracy when working in the digital domain.

The latest update for the RME ADI-2 Pro can be found here.