RME and Synthax Announce ADI-2 Pro AD/DA Converter

adi2_pro_43hi-1116Syntax, distributor for RME, announced the introduction of the ADI-2 Pro high-end AD/DA converter. The ADI-2 Pro is designed for mastering and measurement applications, plus hi-res audio playback — making it well suited to studio applications as well as use in theaters and performing arts venues. Based on the connections being made, the ADI-2 Pro will automatically switch to AD/DA converter, USB interface or analog preamp mode. A specific mode can be set if required.

The ADI-2 Pro converter includes two servo-balanced analog inputs on combo XLR/ TRS jacks, two separate balanced and unbalanced outputs on XLR and TRS connectors, two individual stereo ‘Extreme Power’ headphone outputs on the front, an optical SPDIF I/O that also recognizes the ADAT format, plus coaxial SPDIF (RCA) and AES I/O (XLR) via an included breakout cable. This universal set of I/O options enables the ADI-2 Pro to offer quality and flexible connectivity to those who take a no-compromise approach to audio.

The ADI-2 Pro’s USB 2.0 port is fully Class Compliant (UAC 2) for connection with compatible iOS devices and Mac OS computers. Windows 7 or up is also supported with WDM and ASIO by RME’s own driver. With the included external switched power supply with lockable connector, the ADI-2 Pro can be easily powered via battery, opening up mobile applications.

The ADI-2 Pro claims high-end AD/DA conversion, in both PCM and DSD mode. Utilizing SteadyClock III, RME’s unique jitter suppression technology that guarantees perfect sound quality, the unit supports sampling frequencies of up to 768 kHz and DSD256. Equally notable, the ADI-2 Pro provides an exceptional 5-band parametric EQ per channel and for all analog I/Os, offering efficient frequency correction of headphones and speakers.

The new RME ADI-2 Pro High-end AD/DA converter lists for $2,299. Here are all the specs.