NADiV Audio Launches Dante-Enabled Audio Interfaces

nadiv audio interface dante

NADiV Audio has launched its NADiV range of Dante-enabled audio interface and control devices for portable and installed AV and pro audio environments, including houses of worship, recording studios and live event venues.

The NADiV family is anchored by two rack-mount interface products, 8 Squared and 16 Squared, that support multiple channels (8×8 and 16×16, respectively) of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion for Dante networks over a single category network cable. Both products include the number of standard XLR inputs and outputs that their product names suggest, converting standard mic and line audio sources to Dante network channels and vice versa. Customers can also request mic preamps to support “any number of XLR inputs on either product,” while built-in front-panel LED monitoring allows technicians to confirm power, network status, sample rate and I/O signal presence.

NADiV Audio 2x2 Wallplate

NADiV Audio 2×2 Wallplate

The initial NADiV line also includes a 2×2 XLR flush-mount wallplate solution (2 Squared Flush Mount) to provide I/O end points for local playout, and the 1RU Control Series 128 — an audio routing and processing solution that supports up to 128 channels. The Control Series 128 is essentially a separate PoE-based network solution with summing router control that allows customers to remotely configure devices, manage audio routes and control volume and other audio settings via a mobile device. Its audio processing capabilities also support independent channel strips, automix and high-quality DSP processing.

The NADiV line supports a “very broad range of audio networking requirements and use cases across varied verticals, including zoned audio distribution and control strategies in corporate, education and hospitality settings with many meeting and gathering spaces.” The NADiV line also “embraces the Dante tradition of interoperability, as all products will work out of the box with third-party AV hardware.” Moving forward, NADiV says it will continue to grow to support a broader set of customer requirements, from simple wall- and flush-mount interface needs to full-scale network routing needs of live and recorded Dante audio feeds.