New Chief Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System is In-Wall LCD Mount With Storage


Chief, a brand of Legrand AV, just debuted the Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System, calling it the first in-wall mount system of its kind in the industry. This all-in-one system includes in-wall storage and flat panel mounts that can be purchased and installed to accommodate the stages of construction, from rough-in to AV commissioning.

With the new Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System, Chief says contractors can install in-wall boxes with stud tabs kit (FPIWMKIT1) during the rough-in construction phase. The wall mount kit (FPIWMKIT2) can be ordered separately and delivered after wall finishing is complete to add flanges, display mount and small-device storage plates. The company also says an infinite number of horizontal mounting patterns are compatible with the system to accommodate extra-large and some ultrawide displays.

The Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System ships with two 15×10-inch Lever Lock plates, offering a minimum clearance for 1 RU of AV equipment. Installers can place small devices where they need them, thanks to lateral shift flexibility within the storage boxes. Lever Lock plates are compatible with Middle Atlantic Forward Small Device Mounting Clamps to quickly secure devices in place.

Chief says the system also offers an industry-exclusive feature: three types of knockouts per box. According to the company, this provides greater flexibility for vertical and horizontal cabling between storage boxes, giving total control over power and data design. Storage boxes are designed to fit perfectly between studs. Chief says there’s no need to cut wall studs to accommodate flat panel VESA patterns because the mount supports display 65 inches and larger and are weight-rated up to 250 pounds, covering in-wall boxes. This robust weight rating also removes the need for wood blocking reinforcement (when installed per manufacturer instructions).

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Chief Tempo In-Wall Mount System features one inch of post-install leveling for precision-alignment in dual display installations. Display depth adjustment options from 0.5 to 2 inches facilitate ADA compliance with flat panels up to 3.5 inches deep. Mount installation can also be adjusted to accommodate more storage behind the display (may affect ADA compliance).

In addition, Chief says installers can enhance service access to small devices and AV storage systems behind the display by extending mount interfaces up to 10.65 inches off the wall. The flat panel can be tilted in a variety of positions (0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 degrees) to eliminate screen glare and reflections. When tilt is combined with depth adjustment, the bottom of large displays won’t hit the wall.

The company says the included hardware and toggle anchors simplify the installation process. New display hardware bags include M8x50 screws, commonly needed for installation of popular displays. Chief says it has also added at-a-glance identification, with end user touchpoint screws colored in silver and assembly screws in black for easier end user training after commissioning.

The Chief Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System ships mid-June.