Congratulations to the 2024 Winners of rAVe’s Best of ISE Awards

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What a show! I am proud to say we sent reporters from rAVe [PUBS] to every single booth at ISE 2024 earlier this month to shoot videos of new (and returning!) products. We amassed a cache of more than 2,100 videos, and we posted them all on our (beautiful) ISE microsite, which also includes photos, podcasts and 400+ new product news stories.

Every year since we’ve been doing this, we’ve given out awards for the “Best of the Best.” The best of everything we saw — and here they are. There’s also a YouTube playlist featuring our winners at the very bottom of this story. (You can click play and scroll through which video you’d like to watch on the top right of the video window.)

If you’re an integrator and see something here that you aren’t selling yet, consider contacting these companies! Likewise, if you’re an end user reading this, consider adding these to your future rooms — these companies won for a reason!


  • Best Overall New Product: Macnica ME10 AV-Over-IP SoC Chip for IPMX Devices
  • Most Creative New Product: Logitech Ghost
  • Best New Video Product: HDBaseT Alliance USB3 Extension Solution
  • Best AV-over-IP Product: WyreStorm MX-1007-HYB 4K60 Matrix Switch
  • Best New System Projector: Christie Inspire Series 4K860-iS 4K Laser Projector
  • Best New Home Theater All-in-One Display: Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony
  • Best New dvLED Display: Christie Core Series III
  • Best New Audio Product: Listen Technologies / Ampetronic AURI
  • The “Here’s the Future” Award: Samsung Transparent MicroLED
  • Best ProAV Speakers: Void Acoustics Air 8
  • Best New Audio Accessory: AVer Fone 700
  • Best New HomeAV Control System: Crestron Home OS4
  • Best New AV Rack System: Yamaha Unified Communications “The Rack”
  • Best New ProAV Furniture or Mount Product: Chief Tempo Wall Mount System
  • Best New HomeAV Speakers: Wisdom Audio Insight Series iCI6 Ceiling Speakers
  • Best ISE Tech Demo: LG Kinetic MicroLED Wall
  • Best Concept Product: Odiho Sound In Silence Solution
  • Best ProAV Mobile App: NST Audio Free V-Remote iOS App
  • Best New Intercom System: Clear-Com Gen-IC
  • Best New Technology: Xyte Device Cloud
  • Best New Innovative Mount System: Chief dvLED Universal Mount
  • Best In-Field Integrator Product: Kordz RJ45 Connector “Virtually Unbreakable” Latch
  • Best New AV Integrator Service: Audinate Dante Director Interface for Cloud-Based Management and Control
  • Most Ubiquitous Technology: The Cloud
  • Best Stand at ISE: Crestron
  • Best Lighting Fixture: CLEN LED Matrix LED Light Panels
  • Most Mind-Blowing LED: Samsung Transparent MicroLED
  • Most Creative New LED Product: Muxwave Holographic Invisible LED
  • Most Creative New LCD Product: Shenzhen Syton Technology Transparent LCD Video Displays
  • Most Creative Use of AI: Logitech Sight (Smart Switching)
  • Best New Video Wall Processor: SpinetiX iBX440 Digital Signage Player

Education and Large Venue

  • Best New Product for Higher Ed Market: Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System
  • Best K-12 Classroom Product: SMART Technologies GX Series
  • Best New Document Camera: AVer A30
  • Best New Classroom Accessory: Chief Voyager AV Cart
  • Best New Large Venue Projector: Christie M 4K15 RGB Projector
  • Best New 4K DLP Projector: Barco I600 4K UHD Projector
  • Best New 4K 3LCD Projector: Epson EB-PQ2000 4K 10,000/20,000-Lumen Laser Projectors
  • Best Audio Reinforcement/Asst Listening Product: Opus Technologies Portable eLoop Amplifier System

Unified Communications

  • Best New Videoconferencing Accessory: Cisco Room Kit EQX (Camera, Audio Intelligence for Cinematic Meetings)
  • Best Collaboration System Product: Lenovo ThinkSmart Bar 180
  • Best New Conferencing Display Product: Cisco Room Kit EQX
  • Best New Audio Conferencing Product: Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System
  • Best New Conferencing Monitor: Arthur Holm DB3
  • Best New Audio Conferencing System: Shure MXA901
  • Best New Collaboration System Product: Jabra PanaCast 50
  • Best New Wireless Collaboration System: ScreenBeam 1100 Plus Wireless Collaboration Solution in MTR Environment
  • Best New Wireless Collaboration Product: Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System
  • Best Collaboration Software Product: Mago
  • Best 21:9 Collaboration Software Product: Vivitek NovoStage
  • Best New Collaboration Board Accessory: Chief Voyager Cart
  • Best Audio Conferencing Product: Nureva Console
  • Best Huddle Room System: FunTech Innex Meeting Hub CM Series
  • Best New Meeting Room Projector: Epson PowerLite 815E
  • Best New Meeting Room Product: Boom Collaboration ZYGO Easy Connectivity Hub
  • Best New Meeting Room Speakers: Genelec 4435A and 4436A Smart IP PoE+ In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Best New WFH Product: Yealink DeskVision A24
  • Best New Huddle Room Display: Sony CLED FLUX
  • Best New Huddle Room Accessory: Vaddio 4K Venture Video Bar
  • Best New PTZ Camera: AVer TR535
  • Best Hybrid Work Product: Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Portable Headset
  • Best Wireless Accessory: WolfVision CYNAP Videobar
  • Best Wireless Technology: Bluetooth Auracast
  • Most Creative 21:9 Collaboration System: Vivitek NovoConnect Stage
  • Best New Wireless Collaboration System: Barco ClickShare Bar Pro
  • Best New Huddle Space Video Bar: Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar
  • Best New Meeting Equity Conference Room System: Cisco Room Kit EQX (Camera, Audio Intelligence for Cinematic Meetings)
  • Best-of-Show Meeting Equity Demo: Logitech Sight Tabletop Camera With Multi-Participant Framing
  • Best New PTZ Cameras: Crestron 1Beyond Range
  • Best New All-in-One LED: Avocor X Series
  • The “Here’s the Future of UCC” Award: Logitech Ghost
  • Most Mind-Blowing Collaboration Software: Mago
  • Most Creative New UCC Camera: Canon Virtual Reality Solution with R5 C Camera
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Network and AV Signal Processing

  • Best New Touch Screens: Element One Convis 10″ and 15″ Conferencing Screens
  • Best New Video Interface: NETGEAR M4350 Series Fully Managed Network Switches
  • Best New Video System Accessory: NETGEAR PR460X Multi-Gig Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Cloud Management
  • Best New Audio System Accessory: Kordz Flexible Balanced Audio XLR Cable
  • Best New Control System: Crestron Control and Automation Technology Solutions for Hospitality
  • Best New AV-over-IP Transport System: Visionary Solutions
  • Best HomeAV Control System Software: AtlasIED GCK Control System Software
  • Best HomeAV Control System Hardware: Crestron Home OS4

Digital Signage and Public Spaces

  • Best New Screen Product: Screen Research DecorMask
  • Most Creative New Projection Screens: Screen Excellence Visionaire USTAT Projection Screen
  • Best New Indoor Digital Signage Display: Sharp/NEC EP-C251, EP-C131 ePaper Displays
  • Best New Outdoor Digital Signage Displays: DynaScan DK Series Outdoor Kiosk Displays
  • Best Digital Signage Accessory: Rcstars RCS-215EVLTAZ EV Charging Digital Signage Kiosk
  • Best New Digital Signage Product for AV Integrators: digiLED Zeus LED Power Reduction Technology
  • Best Digital Signage Media Player: SpinetiX iBX440
  • Best Digital Signage OS: SpinetiX DSOS
  • Best New Creative Digital Signage Product: Apexls IP65 Logo LED Display
  • Best New Touch Screen Software: ProDVX Europe ProMGR Multi-Device Management Software
  • Best Overall LED Wall Product: Leyard VDS Series
  • Best Modular LED Wall Product: ROE Visual Topaz
  • Best New Video Wall Display: PPDS 8K Unite LED 4000
  • Best Video Wall Product: NoviSign Digital Signage IoT Wonders Solution With RFID
  • Best New Rigid LED Wall Product: Desay MB6 LED Display
  • Best New Flexible LED Wall Product: JR Visual Tec iSoft Indoor Flexible LED Display Module
  • Best New Video Wall Accessory: Datapath VSNMini 300 Video Processor
  • Best Portable PA System: Kolibri 360-Degree Portable PA System
  • Best Emergency Services & Security AV Product: Barco CTRL
  • Best Transparent Display: Samsung Transparent MicroLED
  • Most Creative New Digital Signage Product: I-Temp Technology BAR286-LT97T
  • Best New Digital Signage CMS: OnSign TV Digital Signage CMS
  • The “Here’s the Future of Digital Signage” Award: DynaScan Total Control Cloud Software Solution

Rental, Staging and Live Events

  • Best New Rental/Staging Projector: Panasonic Connect PT-REQ15 Projector
  • Best New Signal Processor: Barco Encore3 Screen Management System
  • Best New Rental and Staging Product: BeamZ Neutron-Dot Hybrid LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
  • Best New Rental/Staging Accessory: CLEN LED 360-Degree Tube Lights
  • Best Rental and Staging Speakers: DAS Audio Event 28A Line Array Speakers
  • Best Live Mixer for Installs: Panasonic Connect KAIROS
  • Best New Live Production Controller for Installs: Riedel Communications Simplylive Production Suite
  • Best Rental/Staging Product for Live Events: Art Tech LED Displays With “Player of the Match” Immersive Backdrop
  • Best New Live Events System Hardware: CADAC CM-J50 Digital Audio Mixing Console
  • Best New Rental LED Product: AVA LED SCREEN Elisium 700 Spot Profile LED Light
  • Best New Live Events Software: Dataton WATCHOUT 7 Multi-Display Media Server Software
  • Best New Live Event Product: Dataton Compact WATCHPAX 30 Media Server
  • Best Immersive Experience: Modulo Pi Interactive LED Corner