Boom Continues To Boom As Global Expansion Accelerates To Colombia!

Telcolombia reception

Distributor Telcolombia is the latest name to join Boom Collaboration’s growing global list of conferencing supply partners.

The Cali Valle del Cauca company now has access to Boom’s complete collaboration portfolio, spanning high performance cameras, audio and connectivity, including its new HALO videobar with expandable audio.

“Telcolombia is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Boom, a leading audio and video company based in Texas,” said General Manager Juan Carlos Romero.

“This partnership represents an important step in expanding our portfolio and commitment to offering the most innovative technological solutions to customers across Colombia. Our strategy, when seeking to sign alliances with manufacturers, is always aimed at complementing our current portfolio.”

The alliance is based on several key factors, he explained. “Integration with our portfolio: Boom’s products fit perfectly with Telcolombia’s current offerings, allowing us to develop even broader range of audio and video solutions.

“Ease of doing business: Telcolombia values ease and transparency in its relationships with its partners. Boom has a proven track-record of being a reliable and easy-to-work-with partner.”

“Passion for innovation: Both Telcolombia and Boom share a passion for innovation and a commitment to offering their customers the latest technologies.”

He added: “Closeness and trust is important too. The founders of Boom, Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett, have already demonstrated a strong commitment to the relationship. Their closeness and focus on trust will be fundamental to the success of the alliance.”

The new distribution deal is being hailed as a further catalyst for growth by both parties – providing resellers with access to high quality, high value conferencing innovations, from plug-and-play devices to integrated full room systems.

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Boom Collaboration was created in 2020 by founders Hörnkvist and Hulett. The Austin-based business has quickly developed an extensive remote meeting portfolio and operates in over 30 countries as part of a continuing expansion programme.

The new agreement is viewed as an important strategic step by Hörnkvist who explained: “Telcolombia is a very ambitious company just like us. This deal provides us with the platform to penetrate deeper across South America as we continue to grow and develop around the world at a very rapid rate.”

Hulett added: “Telcolombia works with many international brands and shares our passion and dedication to offer the highest levels of innovation, value and service. It’s about creating better meetings. Simply.”

Telcolombia is similarly confident the agreement will be a great success. “We are committed to supporting the growth of the Boom brand in Colombia and contributing to the achievement of its goals. It is a major step forward for both companies,” Romero concluded.