January 2024 Temperature Check Results: ProAV Predictions

Jan 2024 Results

Welcome to the first results analysis of rAVe’s monthly Temperature Check of 2024! For the month of January, we wanted to get in the spirit of the new year by asking for your predictions for the AV market in 2024. Here’s what you guys had to say!

In your opinion, what segments of ProAV are expected to experience significant growth in 2024 (2)

Our first question centered around which segments of ProAV are expected to experience significant growth in 2024, and respondents agreed that the education and corporate AV sectors were likely to experience significant growth. (Note that respondents could choose multiple answers for this question.)

We interviewed  Ric Sepulveda of Shen Wilsom & Wilke about this, and why corporate AV might be climbing above the rest — closely followed by education. He also highlighted the potential of the healthcare sector as well.

“I’m seeing clinical/healthcare industry is at an inflection point with commercial signage, and this is spurred by efficiency and quality of life features for patients as they way-find to their clinician’s office,” he said. “From the initial entrance to patient intake, to ultimately the waiting room, signage and kiosks guide and streamline the patient experience at every step.”

Where do you see the ProAV industry heading in terms of innovation and market dynamics

Our next question asked respondents where they see the ProAV industry heading with respect to innovation and market dynamics. Notably, respondents placed more emphasis on the evolution of collaboration technologies despite the buzz around AI in AV systems in the past year.

“We’re starting to see AI reach a plateau, which is being met by an incredible amount of investment capital hoping to catalyze a continuation of the immense momentum we’ve seen over the past couple years. Collaboration is now more top-of-mind as tech companies find novel ways to incorporate AV and communication technology into attractive turnkey platforms,” Sepulveda said.

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What skills do you think will be in high demand for AV professionals in 2024 (1)

For our final question, respondents agreed that network security skills will be in high demand for AV professionals in 2024. Sepulveda agreed, noting that knowledge of next generation firewalls and software-defined networking is “unquestionably essential” for AV professionals in 2024.

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