Audinate Announces Availability of Transferable Licenses for Dante Virtual Soundcard

dante virtual soundcard

Audinate, the developer of Dante, announced the availability of transferable licenses for the popular Dante Virtual Soundcard audio interface software. This new license type allows users to “easily move a license from one computer to another.”

Dante Virtual Soundcard runs on Windows and macOS computers and provides an audio interface to applications for up to 64 Dante-enabled channels on the connected network. Dante Virtual Soundcard is used extensively in recording and live events, ingesting and delivering 100% lossless audio with minimal latency.

Previously, Dante Virtual Soundcard installations were locked to a single computer according to the license agreement. The new transferable license option for Dante Virtual Soundcard allows users to overcome that limit and move their license from one computer to another. This is especially useful when purchasing new computers, using disk images to deploy machines, or if a repair causes significant hardware changes to a computer.

The new transferable license option is available for new purchases and is also offered as an upgrade to existing DVS single-machine licenses. The cost of a Dante Virtual Soundcard transferable license is USD $79.99, while the cost of a non-transferable single-machine license is USD $49.99. Single machine licenses may be upgraded to transferable for USD $30 each.