Studio Technologies Now Shipping StudioComm System With Model 792 Center Controller and Model 793 Control Console

Studio Technologies StudioComm System Dante SupportStudio Technologies is now shipping the StudioComm System with Dante Support, consisting of the Model 792 Central Controller and the Model 793 Control Console. With the variety of audio formats and channel counts used in modern production workflows, audio personnel have a heightened need for specialized source selection and level control equipment. StudioComm System allows users to monitor high-channel-count Dante digital and analog audio sources while maintaining audio quality.

The StudioComm System incorporates an internal 16-channel architecture, providing direct support for a range of surround audio applications. Audio level control and processing is performed in 32-bit programmable logic. Studio Technologies says the system can be integrated into virtually any contemporary facility due to Dante digital and analog audio inputs and outputs and extensive operating resources.

The Model 793 serves as the system’s “command center.” The unit is designed to reside at a user’s location for quick access to all monitoring functions and a direct view of status information. The Model 792 contains all the circuitry required to support the Dante digital and analog audio input and output signals. The one-rack-space unit links with the Model 793 using a nine-conductor D-subminiature cable. An integral web server allows configuration of the unit’s Ethernet networking, Dante and analog audio performance. This allows the system’s performance to be optimized to meet the needs of specific applications.