Studio Technologies Announces Model 545DC and 545DR Intercom Interfaces

February 13, 2023

Studio Technologies just announced the Model 545DC and Model 545DR Intercom Interfaces. The units allow users to utilize analog party-line (PL) intercom circuits with contemporary Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) applications. The Model 545DC supports two single-channel PL intercom circuits and is directly compatible with single-channel analog party-line (PL) products from Clear-Com. The Model 545DR offers one […]

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Studio Technologies Adds New Two-Channel Intercom User Station That Supports Dante AoE

December 15, 2022

Studio Technologies introduced the Model 342 Intercom Station, a two-channel intercom user station that supports Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) workflows. The compact, desktop device integrates seamlessly with other Studio Technologies Dante-based intercom system products to create flexible and great-sounding intercom resources. The Model 342 can be used in a variety of broadcast and live events, including […]

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Studio Technologies Adds Model 203 Announcer’s Console

November 29, 2022

Studio Technologies just launched the Model 203 Announcer’s Console to support an on-air position for broadcast sports, live entertainment events, esports, streaming broadcast application and more. Supporting the Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) technology, the unit provides main and talkback output channels, talent cue (IFB) inputs and sidetone capability. Compatible with both Dante and AES67, the Model […]

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Studio Technologies Will Debut the New Model 354 Talk Station at NAB Show 2022

April 18, 2022

Studio Technologies announced the new Model 354 Talk Station at NAB 2022 in booth C2625. The unit is designed for use in various permanent installation and live event settings, supporting applications including voice paging, music, audio-file playback, intercom and broadcast talent cueing. The desktop unit is Dante-compatible and uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. AES67-compliant, the unit […]

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Studio Technologies Debuts Dante Compatible Intercom Station, Model 5304

March 7, 2022

Studio Technologies debuted a Dante-compatible (Model 5304) Intercom Station. The unit is designed to serve as a user interface for a variety of applications, including on-air and production television, live events, theater, industrial, aerospace, house of worship and corporate AV. The Model 5304 enables four independent “talk” and “listen” channels with just a headset and […]

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Studio Technologies Now Shipping StudioComm System With Model 792 Center Controller and Model 793 Control Console

November 10, 2021

Studio Technologies is now shipping the StudioComm System with Dante Support, consisting of the Model 792 Central Controller and the Model 793 Control Console. With the variety of audio formats and channel counts used in modern production workflows, audio personnel have a heightened need for specialized source selection and level control equipment. StudioComm System allows […]

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Studio Technologies Releases Model 209 Talent Console for Dante Integration

September 27, 2021

Studio Technologies debuted the Model 209 Talent Console, a combination of microphone input, headphone output, remote control and tally-output resources using Dante. The unit supports AES67 and Dante Audio-over-Ethernet technology for integration into contemporary applications and is compatible with Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager software application. The Model 209 integrates directly into Dante environments. An installation requires […]

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Studio Technologies Announces Two New Party-Line Intercom Kits

July 22, 2021

Studio Technologies has announced two new party-line (PL) intercom kits that utilize Dante Audio-over-IP networking. These new kits allow customers to purchase a bundle of Studio Technologies intercom products at a reduced price point. The Party-Line Intercom Kit 1 (DPL-KIT-01) includes a Model 5421 Dante Intercom Audio Engine and four Model 372A Intercom Beltpacks. Party-Line […]

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Studio Technologies Enhances Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine

March 23, 2021

Studio Technologies announces the enhanced Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine. Like the original Model 5422, the new design is a cost-effective solution for creating party-line (PL) intercom circuits when used with Dante-compatible products. The “A” version offers a sophisticated Auto Mix function for enhanced party-line and audio mixing applications. The unit also includes expanded […]

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Studio Technologies’ STcontroller Software Now mac-OS Compatible

January 26, 2021

Studio Technologies has released a macOS-compatible version of its STcontroller software application. First offered to support the Windows operating system, Mac users can now directly benefit from STcontroller’s support of Studio Technologies’ Dante-compatible products. STcontroller allows personal computer users to access a product’s operating configuration, displaying existing settings and allowing rapid changes, as desired. Both […]

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Studio Technologies Updates Dante Intercom Audio Engine

December 9, 2020

Studio Technologies announces the first major update for its Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine. The Model 5422 is a solution for creating digital party-line (PL) intercom circuits and other specialized audio functions. It is optimized for use with Dante-compatible products such as intercom beltpacks, user stations and announcer’s consoles. The new firmware builds on […]

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Studio Technologies Announces Model 5482 Dante Bridge

November 11, 2020

Studio Technologies has announced the Model 5482 Dante Bridge bridging up to 64 AoE channels between LANs or Dante domains. Each of the Model 5482’s independent interfaces provide three Gigabit Ethernet network ports, allowing support for both switched and redundant Dante operation along with a separate management network connection. Each “side” of a Model 5482 […]

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Studio Technologies Launches New Series of Announcer’s Consoles

August 25, 2020

Studio Technologies launched a new series of Announcer’s Consoles with Dante Audio-over-IP connectivity. The new line of Announcers Consoles includes three products — the Model 232, Model 234 and Model 236. All three of them feature a “pro-quality” microphone input circuit, Dante and analog output channels, plus two, four or six talkback inputs and outputs. […]

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Studio Technologies Releases New Headset Aimed at Esports

June 5, 2020

Studio Technologies has released the Model 207 Esports Console. According to the company, the console helps to make esports events more compelling by opening the lines of communication, allowing production personnel, team coaches and fans to hear what the players are discussing during gameplay. The solution also prevents teams from hearing their competitors or the […]

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Studio Technologies’ New Party-Line Intercom Solution Can Host 16 Users

April 15, 2020

Studio Technologies launched the new Model 5421 Dante Intercom Engine, a Dante Audio-over-IP (AoIP) party-line intercom solution for up to 16 users. It incorporates an intercom-specific Auto Mix algorithm that optimizes party-line audio quality and reduces ambient interference from open mics. The compact half-rack enclosure is intended for use with Studio Technologies’ 370-series of Dante-enabled […]

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Studio Technologies Intros StudioComm Dante Multichannel Monitoring System

February 25, 2020

Studio Technologies just introduced the StudioComm Dante Audio-over-IP-enabled multichannel monitoring system, the Model 792 Central Controller and the Model 793 Control Console. The new system combines a rack-mounted main electronics unit with a desktop-user control surface. The so-called “fully-pro” signal path uses programmable logic to support both digital and analog audio. An extensive set of […]

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New Dante Intercom Beltpacks Debut from Studio Technologies

May 23, 2019

Studio Technologies introduces two new Dante-enabled intercom beltpacks, the Model 372A and Model 373A. Both units, which combine a single talk channel with two channels of listen, are capable of supporting professional and consumer-grade, single- and dual-channel headsets with audio quality that far exceeds typical party-line intercom equipment. The Model 372A is intended to connect […]

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Studio Technologies Intros 5412 Audio Interface and 5418 Mic/Line Interface

December 7, 2018

Studio Technologies introduces the Model 5412 Audio Interface and the Model 5418 Mic/Line Interface, two new Dante-compliant solutions for applications that use Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) network connectivity. The Model 5412 supports analog line-level inputs and outputs, and is available in two versions — one with eight input and eight output channels, and the other with 16 […]

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Studio Technologies Offers Flex-Use Audio Resources with Model 5330 Interface

November 16, 2018

Studio Technologies introduces the Model 5330 Flex-Use Dante Audio Interface. Four line-level analog sources can be connected to the unit and then, after conversion to digital, output by way of four output (transmitter) channels associated with the Dante interface. Four signals that arrive by way of Dante can be converted to analog and then output […]

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Studio Technologies Adds Model 48D Dante Bridge

October 26, 2018

Studio Technologies introduced the Model 48D Dante Bridge for sending and receiving audio signals between two independent local area networks (LANs). Users can interconnect up to four Dante audio channels in each direction with isolation and preservation of network security. The Model 48D is compliant with Dante Domain Manager (DDM) and supports AES67 digital audio […]

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Studio Technologies Debuts SMPTE ST 2110 Audio Interfaces

October 11, 2018

Studio Technologies is showing two new audio interfaces for applications that use the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards to implement Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) network connectivity — the Model 5512 Audio Interface and the Model 5518 Mic/Line Interface. The Model 5518 allows users to connect eight analog microphone or line-level sources and then output the signals […]

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Studio Technologies Launches New SMPTE ST 2110 Audio Interfaces

September 11, 2018

Studio Technologies has introduced two new audio interfaces for applications that use the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards to implement audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) network connectivity. Both the Model 5512 Audio Interface and the Model 5518 Mic/Line Interface are included as part of the 2018 IBC IP Showcase, an event hosted by major technical and standards […]

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Studio Technologies Introduces Model 391 Dante Alerting System

April 5, 2018

Studio Technologies introduced the Model 391 Dante Alerting Unit that offers both visual and audible indications that operator attention is being requested. The unit can be used in conjunction with Dante Audio over Ethernet-based intercom beltpacks and user stations that support call light functionality. Housed in a compact enclosure, the tabletop, Power over Ethernet (PoE) unit offers extensive configuration choices to […]

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Studio Technologies Intros On-Air Capabilities with Model 205, Model 206 and Model 208 Announcer’s Consoles

March 28, 2018

Studio Technologies just expanded its Dante compatible offerings with three new announcer’s consoles, the Model 205, Model 206 and Model 208. All offer different combinations of analog and digital audio resources to create on-air talent hubs in both Dante audio-over Ethernet and traditional analog audio environments. The Model 205 and Model 206 are specifically designed for table-top use, presenting […]

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Studio Technologies Releases Model 5401 Dante Master Clock

August 30, 2017

Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video and fiber-optic solutions, has released the Model 5401 Dante Master Clock. The Model 5401 provides precise timing signals for applications that utilize Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. The unit implements a high-performance IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) server, compatible with the requirements of Dante and capable of […]

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Studio Technologies Expands Dante Beltpack Range

February 21, 2017

Studio Technologies just introduced the new Model 371 Intercom Beltpack. The compact, lightweight unit combines the features offered by broadcast-style, two-channel party-line (PL) intercom user devices with a single-channel listen output and a four-pin male XLR headset interface connector. The flexibility of Dante and its inherent support of standard IP networks mean that multiple Model […]

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Studio Technologies Announces Model 5414 Mic/Line Input & Line Output Interface

December 19, 2016

Studio Technologies has introduced the Model 5414 Mic/Line Input & Line Output Interface that allows four microphone or line-level sources to be connected to the unit for conversion to digital and then output via Dante. Gain, high-pass filtering and P48 phantom power can be selected as required to optimize audio performance. Four signals arriving by […]

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Studio Technologies Releases Model 44D Dante Audio Interface

November 30, 2016

Studio Technologies just introduced the new Model 44D, an audio interface that takes two channels of analog line-level audio to and from applications that utilize Dante audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. Two Model 44D units can also provide one-to-one signal paths, two in each direction, over a standard local area network (LAN). Dante audio-over-Ethernet provides an […]

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Studio Technologies Releases Model 362 Listen-Only Beltpack Featuring Dante

October 18, 2016

Studio Technologies has launched the Model 362 Listen-Only Beltpack that features Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology. Intended for use by on-air talent or production personnel, the Model 362 is a two-channel user device that supports headphone monitoring of two audio channels associated with a Dante application. Key features of the Model 362 include configurable audio channel routing, […]

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Studio Technologies Adds to Dante Offerings with the Model 374 Intercom Beltpack

June 15, 2016

Studio Technologies introduces the new Model 374 Intercom Beltpack — a portable, four-channel intercom. The Model 374 incorporates Dante Audio-over-Ethernet network media technology to support a wide range of applications from sports and entertainment TV to radio events, streaming broadcasts, corporate and government AV installations and post-production facilities. The Model 374’s key features include four […]

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Studio Technologies Unveils Model 211 Announcer’s Console

March 17, 2016

Studio Technologies just introduced the new Model 211 Announcer’s Console, designed to serve as the audio control center for announcers, commentators and production talent. The unit integrates all on-air, talkback and cue audio signal routing into one compact system with the configuration flexibility to allow optimization for a wide range of applications. For simple installation, […]

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Studio Technologies Introduces Portable Truck-End Unit for its Live-Link Mini Camera Interface System

August 7, 2015

Studio Technologies has introduced a new, portable truck-end unit for its Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System. Broadcasters now have three options to interconnect with the system’s compact camera-end unit, including two rack-mount truck-end units and the new portable truck-end version. Each allows a system to be optimized to get the right “fit” for a […]

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