Audinate Group Limited Launches Dante Brooklyn 3 Audio Networking Module and Dante Fremont 3 AV Networking Module

unnamed 8 6 750x400Audinate Group Limited, developer of Dante AV-over-IP, just launched the Dante Brooklyn 3 audio networking module and Dante Fremont 3 AV networking module. The new modules are pin-compatible replacements for the Dante Brooklyn 2 and Dante Fremont modules and have been redesigned to ensure continuous availability while delivering support for current and future Dante features.

Samples of both modules will be available to manufacturers in Q3 2022 and will start shipping in production quantities in Q4 2022.

Audinate claims the Dante Brooklyn module family is the most widely deployed implementation of Dante, used in hundreds of mixing consoles, DSPs, amplifiers and more. The Dante Brooklyn 3 audio module is available in 8×8- to 64×64-channel SKUs, delivering ultra-low latency networked audio in a small footprint and supporting the complete suite of Dante audio features. The original Dante Fremont module supported Dante AV. The new Dante Fremont 3 is 100% compatible with Dante Fremont designs and supports low-latency Dante AV over IP along with 8×8 channels of Dante audio for use in encoders, decoders, PTZ cameras, AV-over-IP monitors, format converters and matrix products.

Dante Brooklyn 3 and Dante Fremont 3 are members of the Dante ecosystem and are 100% compatible with all other Dante devices. All Dante devices may be routed, managed, secured and monitored using Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager for complete end-to-end AV connectivity over standard gigabit IP networks.