Weekly Spotlight on AV Insiders — Are You One?

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This blog is mostly for AV insiders so here’s the first question to those who consider themselves one: what qualifies you to be an AV insider? An AV insider is any person who has been involved in any part of the AV industry for some time period which can be as short as a month or even lesser depending on the project duration. It can be a technician or even the final end user.

I am doing a weekly series on AV insiders from next week onward. I will be doing an interview with a couple of AV insiders. I am eager to learn from their choices and experiences and I’m sure you will also be able to grab couple of handy insights. Stay tuned and send in your insights, comments, queries, etc.

This may be an opportunity to connect with different people in this industry from different parts of the world and it may help you make decisions in your career path, influenced by them. 

I will be updating this post weekly with the links to each interview that is featured.



If you have missed the following interviews, please click the link below.


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